Marine Sent to Prison for Criticizing Biden and Pentagon

A US Marine has been jailed for criticizing the Biden administration and the Pentagon for their decisions regarding withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Lieutenant Col. Stuart Scheller’s troubles with his superiors started when he began to upload videos.

These uploaded videos were merely asking for accountability from military leadership for the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Instead of anyone in the Pentagon apologizing or acknowledging their incompetence after watching Lt. Col. Scheller’s videos, they instead banned him from posting videos that critique any members of the US government or military.

Due to his freedom of speech being taken away, Scheller handed in his resignation letter after serving over a decade in the United States military. According to The Daily Mail, Lt. Scheller is now sitting in a military jail cell for charges to be announced.

Lt. Scheller’s Father Speaks Out

Stuart Scheller Sr. announced his son is in the “brig,” which is a military prison. He is currently awaiting to hear exactly why he is being imprisoned. His father went on to say his son is a hero who has been a Marine for 17 years.

He continued by saying all his son was asking was for his superiors to have accountability for the horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan. His dad went on to note several Vietnam veterans are calling him and applauding his son’s actions in not being silent about tyranny.

The military, for the most part, has been silent regarding Lt. Col. Scheller’s imprisonment. On Monday, Captain Sam Stephenson announced that Scheller is in pre-trial confinement in the brig and awaiting an Article 32 hearing.

General Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Testify Before Congress

While Lt. Col. Scheller is sitting in a cell, both General Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin testified before Congress. They touted the Afghanistan withdrawal as a logistical success.

However, they didn’t get off scot-free. Senator Josh Hawley slammed Milly and Austin for their leadership skills and called for both of them to resign. Senator Marsha Blackburn also gave the two Pentagon leaders a tongue lashing and said they have caused many Americans to distrust the military now.

The Secretary of Defense surprisingly defended his move of letting the Bagram Airforce Base be overtaken by the Taliban. In his defense, he argued it would’ve taken over 5,000 US troops to defend the airbase; then, he went on to say Biden made it clear that all troops were to be taken out by the August 31st deadline.

While both Milley and Austin were publicly sitting comfortably in a congressional hearing, Lt. Col Scheller was sitting in a cell for exposing the Pentagon’s lack of accountability. As of right now, no member of the Pentagon has received any type of disciplinary actions for the botched troop withdrawal.