McDonalds Potatoes Come From Bill Gates’ Farms

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates owns the most farmland in the United States. Bill, along with his now-divorced wife Melinda, owns over 269,000 acres of farmland all across the United States.

The Gates’ farmland stretches across 20 states and was all purchased through Cascade Investments. Some of their farmland produces potatoes which are then processed into McDonalds French fries.

Many people don’t feel comfortable about Gates owning such a large amount of farmland; the reason being is because the billionaire has gone on record supporting methods that help slow down population growth.

He’s also used most of his philanthropy work to help push vaccines due to his claim that when mortality rates decline, birth rates tend to follow suit. So, it’s clear Bill Gates believes if we have fewer people in this world, then a lower poverty rate will follow.

Now, do you see why people are concerned about Gates owning so much farmland?

 Here’s What The Gates Grow On Their Farmland

According to a report by NBC, the Gates own 20,000 acres in Nebraska where they grow soybeans. In Washington, they own over 14,000 acres which are used to grow potatoes. Over 70,000 acres of farmland in Louisiana is used to grow soybeans, corn, cotton, and rice.

Their farmland in Washington is one of their biggest moneymakers due to the fact the potatoes that are grown there are harvested and then processed into McDonalds French fries. 

Billionaires Buying Farmlands Could Be A Problem

In communist countries like China, there is no private ownership and farmers can only obtain rights to land on a lease. Many believe if the billionaires of the world continue to buy large amounts of farmland all across the United States, then eventually farmers will no longer be able to compete with the Bill Gates of the world and end up being pressured to sell their land.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 40% of farmland in the U.S. is owned by citizens who are 65 or older; that being said, it’s expected that more farmland will be on the market soon. It could very well end up in the hands of Gates or another billionaire.

As of right now, over 50% of farmland is already rented to farmers who don’t own land, and expect that number to rise significantly in the upcoming years. 

As stated earlier in China, there’s next to no private land ownership by farmers due to CCP regulations. Currently, in America, only 50% of farmers own their land. That number could drop significantly too, if another economic crisis arises again and farmers are forced to sell their land.

Don’t expect the U.S. government to tell you that you can’t own land, but expect droughts, pandemics, and regulations that force landowners to let go of their precious property, which will result in billionaires buying it up.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, my friend; this is sadly the reality we now live in.