Mike Lindell Helps Kentucky Tornado Victims in a BIG Way

Last week, one of the worst tornados to ever hit the state of Kentucky killed a total of 75 people in the Blue Grass State so far; it also caused millions of dollars of damage throughout the state.

CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell, like many others who have come to the people of Kentucky’s aid, decided to offer over 10,000 pillows to victims of the catastrophic tornado that hit the state.

Lindell decided to distribute the pillows on Christmas Eve to lift up the spirits of those who lost everything. You never realize how important pillows are until you don’t have one anymore; so hats off to Lindell for giving a helping hand to those who are in need.

Kentucky wasn’t the only state hit hard, but also Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Update on How Kentucky is Doing

As of right now, the death toll in Kentucky is up to 75, and there are up to 16 people who are unaccounted for, so far.

The youngest victim to die from the tornado was two months old, while the oldest person was 98 years old. Over 138 Kentuckians were taken to the emergency room, but many have since recovered.

Joe Biden visited Kentucky and offered complete federal funding for the disaster which neither Republicans nor Democrats disagreed with.

However, Biden, of course, had to say something extra and then blamed the tornado on climate change; this sparked mass disagreements from both sides of the aisle.

Biden should have been more sensitive to the victims of the tragedy, instead of trying to promote leftist talking points during his visit.

Almost during every tragedy (whether it’s a school shooting or natural disaster), liberals always find a way to promote more gun control laws or climate change. Compassion no longer exists amongst politicians and people are just seen as votes nowadays.

This Storm Shelter Saved a Family’s Life

There were many miraculous stories amongst the survivors of the Kentucky tornado, and one family was able to survive the tornado rampage by talking shelter in a storm.

A family didn’t have a basement so, like most people in tornado-prone states, they luckily had a storm shelter. The family huddled together as the tornado destroyed their house and swept away all of their belongings.

In Missouri, a very young girl was another miracle. Seven-year-old Ava Rackley was caught in the midst of the tornado; however, she stated when she prayed to Jesus Christ, the tornado let go of her immediately.

Ava knew that even the winds and the seas obey the Lord. If you are ever in a horrifying situation like Ava was, you should do the same as her and call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.