Mike Lindell Says Someone 850-Years-Old Cast a Ballot in 2020 Election

Love him or hate him, Mike Lindell doesn’t back away when it comes to exposing any type of corruption. On his platform Frank Speech, Lindell talked about voter fraud that he believes happened during the 2020 presidential election. What he had to say was downright shocking.

The CEO of MyPillow was quoted saying that 2,650 people who are over 100 voted in one state; in that same state, 2,000 others who were over the age of 200 voted too.

Lindell then went on to say there was even one voter who was over 850 years old. Lindell did not give any details about which state this occurred in, but here’s a video for reference:

Proven Cases of Dead People Voting

The New York Post reported there were several dead voters in the state of New York. According to the Post, election officials discovered a man (who is now deceased) by the name of Frances Reckhow voted as a registered Democrat.

Reckhow died in 2012; so it wasn’t as if he recently sent in the mail-in ballot and soon after passed away. His case isn’t the only proven case of a dead person voting in New York either.

Another deceased registered Democrat also cast a mail-in ballot. This time, it was cast in the name of Gertrude Nizzere, a woman who died a couple of years ago.

Did you notice neither of the dead voters were Republicans? That’s because the Democrats’ policies are so awful they have to find extra votes from somewhere!

Trump Campaign Stated Over 1,500 Dead People Voted in Arizona

Shortly after the 2020 election was over, several Arizonians checked their loved ones’ voting records online, only to find out they voted in the 2020 election.

After these reports broke out, many more checked to see if their deceased relatives voted, and according to the Trump campaign, they also discovered their dead family members voted in the 2020 election.

A large number of dead votes are the direct result of Democrats pushing for mail-in ballots to be used in the 2020 election. Remember how President Trump predicted that mail-in ballots would cause mass corruption in our elections?

Democrats spent months crying for the USPS to receive extra funding in order for them to be able to handle mail-in ballots. Trump most recently stated the disaster that occurred in Afghanistan is directly correlated to the fraud that occurred during the most recent presidential election.

Trump stated if he was president, then the 13 US service troops who lost their lives would still be alive. Also, there would be a 0% chance that the U.S. would’ve surrendered to the Taliban. Trump also noted that billions of dollars of military equipment would additionally not be in the hands of the Taliban as we speak.