Military Members Will Resign if Forced to Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Reports are surfacing that U.S. Army members may soon be forced to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the Army Times, the Army is prepared to mandate COVID-19 vaccines as early as September 1st.

Not everybody is happy with the mandate, according to Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky; some members of the U.S. Army have informed him that if the mandate does go into effect,  they will immediately resign.

As you may already know, as a soldier, you do whatever your drill sergeant tells you to do. If they say “sit” you sit; if they say recite the alphabet, you recite the alphabet, but will soldiers listen to their drills sergeant if they tell them to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

That’s a question we’re about to find out the answer to. Hopefully, the mandate will not go into effect and there will be some pushback within the upper ranks.

Biden has sent out tweets that state getting vaccinated is your patriotic duty. Let’s cross our fingers that the Department of Defense doesn’t manipulate soldiers by using the same rhetoric.

Backlash to Rep. Massie’s Statement

Some users on Twitter responded to Massie’s statement by saying military members can’t just simply quit. The users then cited all the protocols members of the military must go through before they are even able to be released from their duty. 

The users continued to state that military members can’t leave their posts because that would be considered AWOL or desertion, which has major consequences.

GOP Isn’t on the Same Page When It Comes to Mandatory Vaccinations

Rep. Thomas Massie introduced bill H.R. 3860 which attempts to make it illegal for the Armed Forces to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for its members. Several lawmakers supported the bill, but others were in disagreement with it.

All in all, over 23 representatives co-sponsored the bill which included Reps. Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Andy Biggs.

One of those who are in disagreement with Massie’s bill is Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger went on record saying service members are already required to take several vaccines before enlisting, so giving them another one won’t do much harm.

The only problem with Kinzinger’s logic is that the COVID-19 vaccine is experimental, while the other vaccines required by the military are not.

Earlier in the year, President Trump labeled Rep. Kinzinger as a RINO (Republican in name only) for voting to impeach him; so it’s no surprise Kinzinger is breaking away from some of Trump’s biggest supporters in the House.

As of right now, the COVID vaccine is still optional under the Emergency Use Authorization. Modern and Pfizer have applied for full authorization, so if they do pass, expect more government and public institutions to force the jab.