Missing Texas Woman Found in Alligator’s Jaws


Houston, June 4, 2024 — The remains of a missing Texas woman in her 60s were discovered in the jaws of an alligator in Horsepen Bayou, near Clear Lake, Texas. The grim discovery was made by the Houston Police Department on the morning of May 28 during a search operation after the woman had been reported missing by her husband the previous night.

According to authorities, the woman’s body was spotted at approximately 8:40 AM, partially submerged in the bayou and held by the alligator. To prevent further damage to the remains, a police sergeant was forced to shoot and kill the reptile. The department's dive team then recovered the body and the alligator.

The identity of the woman has not yet been confirmed, pending an autopsy by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. The cause of death is also under investigation, with officials considering the possibility that the woman may have been attacked by the alligator while she was alive.

Residents in the area expressed shock and concern over the incident. Alligator encounters are relatively rare in Texas, although they have become more common as human populations expand into the creatures' natural habitats. Angela Derous, a local resident, commented on the growing presence of alligators in the region, noting that while she is usually aware of areas to avoid, this incident was particularly alarming.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has noted an increase in human-alligator encounters in recent years. The department advises residents to be vigilant, especially in areas known to be frequented by these animals. Alligators are typically found in swamps, rivers, bayous, and marshes, primarily in the eastern third of Texas.

Houston Police are continuing their investigation to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the woman's death. They have urged the public to exercise caution and report any unusual wildlife sightings, particularly in areas close to water bodies where alligators are known to inhabit.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers posed by wildlife, even in urban areas. Authorities emphasize the importance of respecting wildlife and maintaining a safe distance to prevent such unfortunate events from occurring in the future.

As the investigation continues, further details are expected to emerge, shedding more light on this unusual and tragic case. The community remains on alert, with local authorities ensuring that measures are in place to manage the alligator population and safeguard residents.

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