More Than 23 Democrats Will Not Seek Re-election

More and more House Democrats are retiring from office or deciding not to seek re-election.

So far, a grand total of 23 Democrats in the House of Representatives will not seek re-election. Out of the 23, a total of three decided to call it quits just this month.

The three most recent Democrats to not seek re-election are Lucille Allard of California, Stephanie Murphy of Florida, and Albio Sires of New Jersey.

Several retiring lawmakers claimed they are deciding not to run because their districts have been re-zoned and they aren’t thrilled about a more competitive election. Other lawmakers are seeking additional federal positions within the US government.

Currently, Democrats control the House of Representatives, but with 23 more Democrats retiring, things could get interesting. As of today, there are 221 House Democrats and 213 House Republicans.

With 23 of the 221 Democrats retiring, things are looking bright for Republicans. It’s not only Democrats retiring; there is a total of 12 Republican lawmakers also not seeking re-election.

The Opposite is Occurring in the Senate

While House Democrats are dropping out flies, the opposite is occurring in the US Senate.

Currently, only one Senate Democrat is set to retire, whereas five Republicans are not seeking re-election. Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont is no longer seeking office; he will more than likely get replaced by another Democrat, unless Republicans can upset the apple cart.

The five Republican lawmakers not seeking re-election are Roy Blunt of Missouri, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Richard Shelby of Alabama, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Rob Portman of Ohio.

Two of the five Republicans (Toomey and Burr) voted twice to impeach President Trump; therefore, their lack of re-election comes as no surprise, considering Trump decided to fund Republican candidates running against them.

Currently, there are 50 Senate Republicans, 48 Senate Democrats, and two Independent senators who usually side with Democrats.

So, the Senate is basically split 50-50 and Vice President Kamala Harris holds the tie breaker; although lately, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has decided to vote against his party.

Biden Could Even be Retiring

Biden, who would be in his early 80s if he decided to run for re-election, just announced he will run for re-election…if he’s in good health. The key word is “if,” and as of right now, it doesn’t appear as if his cognitive health is holding up.

Kamala Harris even publicly stated she and Biden have not talked about seeking re-election, but as soon as she made that comment, the White House released a press statement that said Biden would run again.

If an 83 year old Biden runs for office, the Democrat Party would lose immediately. More than likely, the DNC will coerce Biden to retire and choose their puppet to take his place as the Democratic nominee.