Myanmar Court Sentence State Counselor to Prison for COVID-19 Violations

State Counselor of Myanmar of Myanmar Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (and President Win Myint) has been sentenced to four years in prison for violation of COVID-19 protocols.

Since February 1st, Myanmar’s elected officials have been arrested and put on house arrest, after Myanmar’s military staged a coup.

The news of Suu Kyi’s and Myint’s sentencing is just the beginning of the charges they are facing.

Both of the leaders of Myanmar face dozens of other charges for bizarre actions, such as owning walkie-talkies and “inciting” violence. Although, they have not, in any way, called for any violence. Both are known as peacemakers.

More Details on Myanmar

The night the Myanmar military conducted the coup was the night before State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint, and over a hundred other members of the NLD (National League of Democracy) were set to be inaugurated into office.

However, in the early hours of February 1st, all of Myanmar’s elected leaders were detained. The military of Myanmar also issued a killswitch of the internet and cellular towers, which caused a major blackout.

Citizens of Myanmar woke up with no clue what was going on, but later on found out the despised Junta took control of their young democracy.

Since the military takeover, close to 1,000 peaceful pro-democracy protestors have been slain in the streets for standing up for freedom. Some supporters of the NLD have been raped, killed by acid attacks, and gunned down gruesomely by headshots at close range.

Waukesha Meets Myanmar

According to ABC News, three Myanmar citizens died yesterday after a military truck plowed through a group of protestors in the streets.

A video recorded ten vents and showed a military vehicle going full speed and relentlessly plowing through a crowd of protestors. After the soldiers ran the protestors over, instead of arranging medical attention for the three people they ran over, they instead chased after the remaining protestors with gunfire.

Watch the horrific event here:

The Myanmar Junta has been terrorizing its citizens. Meanwhile, the United States and other UN nations have been more concerned about climate change than continuous amounts of blood that has been spread in the streets of Yangon.

At this point, Myanmar’s salvation will not come through the UN, but God alone, so keep praying for the country of Myanmar.

This is what authoritarianism looks like and every nation should take heed before they let any section of their government advocate taking away its citizens’ gun rights.

In Myanmar, only police officers and members of the military can legally obtain guns and that’s why they were able to conduct a coup. If America ever gets rid of our Second Amendment rights, then we will be in the same boat.