Nancy Pelosi Meets Up with Pope Francis at the Vatican

Pope Francis just met up with one of the loudest Democrat voices to support abortions in the United States. The Pope convened with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Vatican where the two talked about topics that weren’t disclosed to the public.

Pelosi is a Catholic; although, many priests and bishops around the United States have publicly declared she shouldn’t participate in communion, due to her strong stance on pro-choice issues.

Nancy Pelosi’s policies and support of law throughout her years in Congress have killed hundreds of thousands of babies; her reward is to meet up with the Pope himself and be treated as a reincarnated saint.

Biden Plans to Meet Up with the Pope in Rome

Joe Biden, who is also Catholic, plans to meet up with the Pope two weeks from now. The meet-up comes in the midst of the Biden administration’s push to block a Texas heartbeat law which makes any abortion past six weeks illegal because that’s the average time a baby’s first heartbeat is detected.

More than likely, Biden and the Pope will not speak about abortion, but will talk about the environment and refugees, just like Pelosi did.

Instead of calling sin out and calling for America and its leaders to repent for implementing immoral laws, the Pope instead is talking about climate change and other politically friendly topics.

The Vatican is Forcing Vaccinations on Swiss Guards

Not only is the Pope meeting up with Democrat leaders, but the Pope is also mandating vaccinations, like Democrats as well. The Vatican announced new COVID-19 measures for those who are working for the church.

Not everybody is a fan of the mandates and recently, Reuters reported three Swiss guards resigned after they were told they must be vaccinated.

The Swiss Guards are the de facto military of the Vatican and ordained to protect the Pope at all costs. Most of them have Swiss origins and their presence at the Vatican, at this point, is more of a symbolic one. This is due to the fact, as of now, there are not any real military threats against the Vatican.

Not only is the Pope pushing for vaccine requirements, but he has also given his blessing to a project in the UAE. This project aims to build a Church, Mosque, and Jewish Temple all in one location.

The project is being sponsored by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, which ultimately wants to create a one-world religion in the name of “we must be peaceful to our neighbors.”

The One World religious headquarters is expected to be finished building in 2022; the Pope and the Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb of al-Azhar are expected to be at the opening ceremony.