NASA Hired 24 Theologians for Alien Research

NASA just hired 24 theologians for one of their new research projects. The space agency hired 24 theologians to conduct research on the topic, “how will humans respond to aliens being discovered?”

The theologians will be part of a program called CTI (Center for Theological Inquiry) that takes place at Princeton University.

According to the Daily Mail, CTI’s goal is to answer questions on whether or not other life forms exists outside of our solar system and deep philosophical questions, such as “what is the true purpose of life?”

The program received over $1.1 million dollars from NASA so far; so it appears they’re taking this project seriously.

NASA Hiring Theologians for All the Wrong Reasons

NASA wouldn’t dare betray the scientific community and hire theologians to disapprove evolution, but they are hiring them for their biblical perspective on how the human race would react to proof of aliens.

This is concerning for some Christians, because they believe NASA is using these theologians as pawns and preparing themselves on what to expect when the anti-Christ is revealed on the earth.

This perspective may sound bizarre, but it appears once the scientific community can “prove” there is life outside of the planet, then they will conclude there is life outside of “God’s creations.”

Scientists will tout that Genesis never talked about God creating life forms in other galaxies. Not all Christians deny other life forms exists outside of our realm; many believe the strange “UFO” sightings are demons or fallen angels.

The Department of Defense’s UFO Report

The Department of Defense released their long anticipated UAP (Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon) report, which revealed 143 out of 144 UAP sightings could not be accounted for.

The 144 UAP sightings were all sighted by members of the military.

The report was on data that has been collected by the Pentagon from 2004 to 2021, but the report was disappointing for some. That is because the Pentagon concluded they don’t have a clue what the UAPs are.

Government officials stated there was no indication the videos and data collected show any proof of extraterrestrial activity, but they did not deny the fact that extraterrestrials could exist.

So, the Pentagon is no longer treating UFOs as conspiracy theories, but they are rather taking them quite seriously. They have allocated an entire department called the UAP Task Force, which collects data on UFOs and other phenomenons.

To be honest, an alien takeover is not what Americans should really be worried about, but rather an AI takeover is more practical. Artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced each day.

Meanwhile, engineers and scientists are working effortlessly to reach the great technological singularity that would make aliens which we have seen in science fiction look like child’s play.