Navy Engineer Arrested for Allegedly Selling Nuclear Secrets Had BLM Sign in His Yard

A US Navy engineer and his wife were both arrested in West Virginia. This came after the FBI conducted a year long sting which resulted in the couple being charged with espionage. They were attempting to sell U.S. nuclear secrets to another country in exchange for large amounts of cryptocurrency.

Jonathan Toebbe (who serves as a US Navy Engineer and has been granted top secret security clearance) and his wife were both arrested in the state of West Virginia.

This was after they allegedly sold nuclear secrets to an undercover FBI agent. Toebbe had access to top secret information for nuclear powered warships; he was going to sell those designs for over $100,000 dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

ABC 7 News was able to take a picture of the Toebbes’ house after they were arrested; that picture showed they had a BLM sign in front of their house. Leave it to Democrats to sell nuclear secrets to the United States’ enemies.

Details About the Operation

The FBI launched the investigation after Toebbe sent a package to an undisclosed foreign government to sell them nuclear secrets. The FBI was able to intercept the package; later, they sent an encrypted email to Toebbe who responded back to the undercover FBI agent.

The FBI agent then aimed to gain Toebbe’s trust and formed a close relationship with him. At one point, Toebbe asked for a signal from a location that belonged to the foreign government. Without any hesitation, the FBI was able to create a signal at the exact location Toebbe asked for.

Once Toebbe gained the undercover agent’s trust, he started making drop-offs at specific locations in West Virginia and Virginia. Toebbe would hide a SD card containing Navy nuclear secrets in objects, such as sandwiches and packets of gum. Once the undercover agent picked up the items, he would then send the cryptocurrency Moreno to Toebbe.

Toebbe and His Wife are Nabbed

The FBI finally had enough evidence on Toebbe; they arrested him and his wife after they made a drop of nuclear secrets at a location in West Virginia. His wife was arrested, due to the fact she was on look out.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec was able to discover a photo of Diana Toebbe and it shows a picture of herself with the phrase “Women Can Stop Trump.”

Take a look:

So first, the Toebbes have a BLM sign in their yard. Then, they have anti-Trump rhetoric on their social media, which goes to show the Democrat Party is truly trying to sell out our country to foreign nations.

Luckily, Toebbe was caught, but imagine how many sellouts there are within our country who are handing out nuclear secrets like they’re candy.