Nevada Becomes First State to Surcharge Unvaccinated Workers

The leftist state of Nevada has decided to treat unvaccinated workers as second-class citizens.

Nevada’s Public Employees Board just voted that all unvaccinated workers will be surcharged an extra $55 a month if they are not vaccinated.

The insurance surcharges will begin in July of next year and also charge $175 for any worker’s spouse who is not vaccinated. So essentially, if you are not vaccinated in Nevada, you are being fined.

The reason why Nevada’s Public Employees Program decided to initiate the surcharge is they believe it will help pay for COVID-19 testing which has cost the state of Nevada close to $3 million dollars.

Instead of thinking rationally and only testing those who have actual symptoms of COVID-19, the state of Nevada is thinking backward. Now, they are just financially crippling the unvaccinated in order to pay for their authoritarian mistakes.

More on the Story

The board members of the Public Employee’s Program chose the highest surcharge legally possible to issue against the unvaccinated. So, essentially drinking, smoking, and doing drugs is just as bad as not getting vaccinated, which is hard to even fathom.

Many residents of Nevada are disputing the new surcharges to be illegal and are fighting back against the new rules. Some parents are afraid for their children who are adolescents and who will also be surcharged for not being vaccinated.

So, if you want affordable healthcare in Nevada, you have to be vaccinated because if you are not, they will stiff you with heavy surcharge fees.

The new surcharges make no sense because a person who is completely healthy should not be financially hurt by doing what’s best for their health.

However, many Democrats in the state are proudly declaring the unvaccinated should be paying for their choice to not get vaccinated.

Same Trick, Different Method

Earlier in the year, states were handing out free beer, free vacations, lottery tickets, money, gifts cards, and more for citizens who got vaccinated.

Even some judges would let offenders receive less jail time if they decided to get vaccinated; however, states are no longer playing nice, but are attempting to try a different method.

Instead of buttering people up with free gifts and money for getting vaccinated, states like Nevada are trying new methods to force people to get vaccinated.

These methods are designed to make their lives so difficult they’ll just decide to give in and get vaccinated. Democrats know if they can make someone’s life inconvenienced and financially crush that same person, then they’re bound to give in and get vaccinated, if they don’t have a strong will.

Now that the new Omicron variant is out, expect more states to issue surcharges and penalties for those who are unvaccinated.