New Study Warns Against Biden’s Economic Agenda

When Biden ran to be president, he claimed that electing him would mean building back better for America. Since his time in the White House, the only things Biden’s built are national debt, inflation, tensions between different groups of Americans, and a multitude of crises.

The president is in denial about the impacts that his agendas are having on the United States. That’s why Biden continues to push the tired narrative that his proposals are leading to the betterment of America. Anyone who is watching what’s happening knows the opposite is true.

This president’s lies just keep piling up, though. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation reveals some very troublesome, problematic news about Biden’s economic agenda, per Breitbart News.

The Study That All Americans Should Know About

The Texas Public Policy Foundation maintains that the president’s plans for the U.S. economy would raise debt by $4.5 trillion and erase 5.3 million jobs. The foundation additionally warns that if the Biden economic agenda passes, America’s GDP will face a $3.7 trillion reduction.

To add insult to injury, U.S. families will suffer if the president gets his way, too. The Texas Public Policy Foundation states that Americans will collectively lose $1.2 trillion, due to massive tax increases foisted upon the country.

Additional adverse impacts include, but are certainly not exclusive to, higher international taxes on businesses, higher capital gains taxes, lost investments for businesses, and more. In layman’s term, the Biden economic agenda would amount to nothing more than an absolute nightmare.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation shows the very real consequences of what Biden’s leadership will entail, if not put in check. Moreover, it exposes that the president’s notion of building back better is essentially ruining the economy and placing Americans in dire financial predicaments.

Biden’s Lying to America

The president of the United States is responsible for spouting shameful lies and expecting Americans to believe these lies without question. Biden claims his agenda to “Build Back Better” will amount to $0, but this is false.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation clearly lays out the massive expenses and devastating impacts to come from the Biden agenda. Biden’s notion of building back better is crippling Americans with massive taxes and debt, while stealing the financial futures of generations to come.

This president clearly has no concept of what the American economy needs. This is evident by the policies Biden continues to advocate for. Ultimately, the findings from the Texas Public Policy Foundation are all the more reason why Biden has absolutely no business leading the nation.

Instead of trying to ruin the economy, the GDP, American families, and U.S. businesses, Biden should focus on rescuing American citizens from Afghanistan and fixing the southern border.