New Twitter CEO Decides to Ban “Mean” Memes

It wasn’t Jack Dorsey running the show after all, but rather stakeholders and board members were really calling the shots for Twitter.

Almost immediately after Dorsey stepped down as the CEO of Twitter, new CEO Parag Agrawal backed the decision for Twitter to no longer prohibit users to tweet pictures or media of people without their consent first

You know what this means, right? Users on Twitter will practically not be allowed to share memes of people anymore unless they get their permission first.

Independent journalists will also have a tough time reporting breaking stories, due to the fact Twitter will more than likely ban them if they release a photo or video of someone without their permission.

Did Dorsey Know About This New Ban Coming?

Dorsey must have been sick and tired of being Twitter’s scapegoat every time the big tech company decided to violate users’ rights to free speech. Also, banning memes must have been the last straw.

To put this new ban in perspective, if an investigative journalist were to record members of Antifa burning down a store or church, then Twitter could delete the tweet. They could also possibly ban the user for posting the video without asking members of Antifa first.

Many independent journalists are tweeting links to their other social media accounts. They’re also warning users that with the new rules, they won’t be on the platform much longer.

Now, the far-left who have been celebrating every time a conservative has been banned from Twitter will finally feel what it’s like to get banned. The goal of big tech is not just to silence conservatives, but also Democrats.

Big tech wants the masses to be silent and wants to crush independent journalists at the same time.

Journalist Jack Posobiec Raised an Interesting Point

Journalist Jack Posobiec made an interesting statement regarding Twitter’s new move. Posobiec stated Twitter decided to ban pictures and videos of people just one week after the Waukesha attack.

Last week, after the Waukesha attack, several Twitter sleuths were able to do some great journalistic work to expose the corporate media’s narrative that the Waukesha attack was an accident.

Users on Twitter were quick to point out the attacker had a YouTube account with several songs that promoted violence; one video even showed the red SUV that was used in the attack.

Users also uncovered Darrell Brooks posted several anti-Semitic and anti-white statements on his Facebook account before the attack went down.

With Twitter’s new rules, users will no longer be allowed to do investigative work on suspected criminals. Ultimately, this will result in big tech companies controlling narratives surrounding major stories, just like they did before the age of the internet.