New York on the Verge of Using National Guard to Replace Unvaccinated Health Workers

New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul (who replaced the disgraced Andrew Cuomo) has declared she is highly considering the idea to deploy the National Guard.

This would help fill in the potential vacancies of thousands of healthcare workers who will lose their jobs if they’re not vaccinated by Monday.

Reuters reported Hochul plans to call a state of emergency for New York. The governor is looking for thousands of National Guard members to be trained in the medical field.

As of right now, it appears that close to 72,000 hospital workers are not vaccinated, which represents 16% of healthcare workers in the state.

Hochul also plans to recruit healthcare workers from other states and countries in order to fill in the large decrease of medical workers. The state of New York is literally a biofascist state.

This is due to the fact they are firing healthcare workers who are not vaccinated and replacing those jobs with members of the National Guard and nurses from other countries.

Hochul Goes to Church Service to Coerce Christians to be Vaccinated

In a cringeworthy moment, Hochul took the pulpit at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York. While doing this, she called the church congregants to be her “apostles” and tell others to get vaccinated.

She then said “Jesus”  told us to love people and so we can share our love with people by urging them to be vaccinated. The New York governor should practice what she preaches.

How can she love the people of New York when she plans to fire them if they are not vaccinated? Many of the healthcare workers who are in danger of being fired will also lose their health insurance too.

Other States are Using the National Guard to Replace Workers

In the state of Massachusetts, Republican Governor Charlie Baker deployed over 250 National Guard members to drive students to school. The reason behind the bus driver shortage is because of a statewide mandate that forces drivers to be vaccinated.

There’s not just a shortage in Massachusetts, but also in Connecticut. Close to 300 bus drivers are also refusing to drive due to vaccine mandates; now, the state is in the process of training the National Guard to drive busses.

If the unvaccinated continue to be ousted from their jobs, sooner or later, the United States will have to deploy almost all of their National Guard members to fill the gaps.

If things get even uglier, then it’s very much possible for the United States to implement a draft to force young men to be vaccinated and then make them take unvaccinated people’s jobs.

It may sound insane, but what the US government has already done is unimaginable. It’s almost as if we are living in a science fiction movie.