NYC Becomes First U.S. City with Government-approved Illegal Drug Injection Site

The government is supposed to prevent its citizens from doing illegal drugs, not encourage them. New York City has officially become the first United States city to get the green light from the United States government to operate an illegal drug injection site.

The new injections sites started to operate on Tuesday and they’re designed to stop overdose deaths. The new program received Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval and is now fully operational.

So, while Biden’s children are going to the best rehabs that money can buy, New Yorkers are being told to continue their drug habits, but to do it in a safe environment.

In a statement, de Blasio said overdoses are on the rise and this is the only way to slow down the deaths, due to opioids. The old fashion way to stop drug epidemics was by judges giving harsh sentences or a judge placing non-harmful drug users in rehabs like help centers.

However, those days are over and now it’s perfectly legal to shoot up heroin in designated locations. All of the hard work former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani did in New York City has been completely ripped apart by Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio.

NYC is Just Copying Canada’s Progressives

Canada already had a fully functional drug injection. According to data overdose, deaths have slightly improved after it was set up; however, overdose deaths went on to increase astronomically after COVID-19 hit Vancouver.

In some parts of Vancouver, far-leftists are even handing out free drugs in order to stop fentanyl-laced opioids from causing overdoses. The only problem is all these injection sites and programs are doing is feeding people’s addictions.

Just take a look:

You would think these “activists” would be busted, but that’s how weak the liberal city of Vancouver is. They’d rather have communists hand out free drugs in their streets than give people the help they really need, which is rehabilitation.

Rhode Island is Starting a Pilot Injection Site

In March 2022, the state of Rhode Island is launching its own safe drug injection site to reduce the number of overdoses.

Instead of creating better rehab facilities or supporting Christian ministries like Teen Challenge, the government is going to spend a large number of taxpayer dollars to pay for illegal drug injection sites.

Injection sites are clearly skewed, considering they don’t keep tabs on the people who overdose after they leave an injection site. Liberals will continue to push for illegal drugs to be normalized because they know it’s a way to weaken the middle class.

Essentially, if the opioid crisis continues more and more Americans are unplugged from what’s going on around them, they will lose all motivation to participate in elections.