NYC Judge Rules Father Can’t Visit Daughter Unless He’s Vaccinated

A father from New York is not allowed to visit his daughter, due to the fact he is unvaccinated. A NYC judge ruled this father will not be able to visit his daughter unless he decides to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Judge Mathew Cooper ruled in a NYC court that an unidentified father will no longer be able to have weekend visits with his daughter unless he gets the jab. The decision comes after Judge Cooper was overseeing a custody battle and ultimately decided it’s in the child’s best interest if her father is vaccinated.

The father’s attorney stated his client previously had a bad reaction to a flu vaccine, so he’s hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The father also already contracted COVID-19 which means he obtained natural immunity.

This Isn’t the First Time

A mother in Chicago was also denied custody rights to her son after she told a judge she was not vaccinated. Rebecca Firlit was shocked after Cook County Judge James Shapiro  decided she could no longer see her 11-year-old son until she got vaccinated.

The Seattle Times reported the child’s father is vaccinated and will be granted full custody until the child’s mother gets vaccinated. The father and mother were originally in court over negotiating child support, but the judge’s only focus was which party was vaccinated.

The judge eventually reversed his decision and allowed the mother to see her son again, but only because he was receiving pressure from the media. In the days of social media, judges can’t just throw out unfair decision without receiving backlash.

Judges Now Using COVID-19 Vaccines as Manipulative Tools

Judges all across the United States are using COVID-19 vaccines as a way to increase the vaccination rates. A judge from Baton Rouge, Louisiana offered several inmates the opportunity to get vaccinated, instead of getting sentenced to community service.

A couple of judges in Georgia also handed out lesser sentences for defendants who decided to get vaccinated. Defendants in states like Ohio have likewise been required to get vaccinated as part of their probation; so if they refuse to get vaccinated, they will end up in jail, no questions asked.

It doesn’t end there, though. Bronx and Manhattan judges in New York have ordered all defendants to be vaccinated in order for them to receive bond. So, essentially, these judges are saying get vaxxed or we’ll take away your freedom.

It appears new Monopoly game boards no longer need the get out of jail free card; rather they need to include vax cards in the game! All jokes aside, these judges should in no way be using the COVID vaccines as a way to coerce anyone to get vaccinated.