NYC Will Pay Children $100 to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

The New York City mayor has just announced all children between the ages of 5-11 years old will receive $100 if they get vaccinated.

De Blasio’s announcement comes after the FDA labeled the Pfizer vaccine for children as an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) vaccine for children.

Some children have already been vaccinated in the state of New York, as of earlier in the week. Now, the state will start vaccinations in elementary schools. De Blasio, in his latest press release, stated everyone can use a lot of money nowadays and $100 dollars can buy a lot of candy.

The $100 will be distributed as a pre-paid debit card and can be spendable anywhere that accepts visas. Many parents aren’t impressed with the $100 dollar payout; they believe the risks outweigh the reward.

Studies show that children are most susceptible to getting rare heart inflammation called myocarditis after being vaccinated. So, in the long run, that $100 wouldn’t even put a dent in a hospital bill if a child was to have an adverse effect.

The FDA ultimately allowed this to happen, once they voted to authorize the vaccine after conducting multiple studies on children. The days of testing medicines are over and it appears humans are the new subjects.

Bribing People to Get Vaccinated is Wrong

Many New Yorkers believe bribing children to get vaccinated is ethically wrong. After many families were hit hard financially from the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats along with the Biden administration, sprung into action by bribing Americans to get vaccinated with gifts or money.

The federal government, states, and corporations have all shilled the COVID-19 vaccine in order to get people vaccinated. The state of California even started a lottery that gives a ticket to everyone who is vaccinated. The state of New Jersey offered vaccinated residents free beer at their local bar.

The list doesn’t end there, though. The state of Illinois offered residents Six Flag tickets, whereas outdoorsy states like Maine offered residents free fishing, L.L. Bean gift certificates, and hunting licenses.

Almost every state offered incentives for its residents. This now raises a question: are people being vaccinated for what they can get, or are they being vaccinated because of what the vaccine actually does?

Prisoners are Also Getting Incentives

Biden’s home state of Delaware is offering prisoners the chance to get five good day credits, a snack bag, video visits, and passes to get first in line for in-person visitations.

The state of New Jersey is offering inmates 10 days off their sentencing for getting vaccinated. Judges have even offered sentence reductions to offenders.

In Hall County, Georgia, several judges have been offering offenders lesser sentences if they get vaccinated. Imagine offering someone freedom in exchange for getting vaccinated because that’s what these judges are essentially doing.