Over 135,000 NYC Mayoral Race Test Ballots Discounted for Discrepancies

The New York City Board of Elections, in an official statement, announced there was a major vote discrepancy in the Democrat mayoral primary.

Democrat candidate Eric Adams noticed the discrepancy after his huge lead on opponent Democrat Kathryn Garcia was cut by two points.

According to a report by Fox News, Adams then took to Twitter. He called out the Board of Elections for releasing vote results that had over 135,000 more added votes than there were on election night.

Democrat Candidate Eric Adams

The Board of Elections responded to the mishap, taking down their online results and soon fixing them to the correct amount of votes. In a statement, the BOE said the reason for the extra 135,000 votes was because they calculated the test ballots with the votes on the election night.

The Board’s announcement came a little late, considering they only fixed the botched results when they were called out on it.

The results of the Democrat mayoral race are still pending, due to 124,000 thousand mail-in ballots still need to be counted. If the 2020 general election taught us anything, expect this race to not end anytime soon.

A Little About The Candidates Who Are Running

Democrat Eric Adams is a retired police officer who is the favorite in the New York City election, while one of his opponents who gained over 135,000 in a “mistake” is Kathryn Garcia, the commissioner for the New York City Sanitation Department.

The third candidate is civil rights activist Maya Willey who is AOC’s pick to win the election.

Both Willey and Garcia haven’t been too keen on supporting law enforcement; instead, they have backed controversial laws that ultimately put law enforcement officers in harm’s way.

It’s interesting to see the only pro-police Democrat candidate, Eric Adams, is defying all odds, considering the far-left has made it known Maya Willey is the pick. Obviously, someone within the BOE wanted Garcia to oust Adams (135,000 vote switches usually aren’t just “mistakes”).

New York’s New Voting System Is A Mess

New York City is now using a ranked-choice voting system that allows voters to pick their top five favorite candidates. The votes are counted by rounds, so whoever has the least amount of votes in around is then eliminated. The votes of that eliminated candidate would then go to the voter’s second-place choices. The process continues unto there are only two candidates left.

This kind of voting system would ultimately get Eric Adams dethroned if Maya Willey and Kathryn Garcia get more second, third, or fourth places votes as the rounds continue.

This makes one think: was it really a mistake that Kathryn Garcia got over 135,000 votes? If Adams were eliminated, then Maya Willey (who is backed by the far-left) would glide to victory.