Picture Shows CNN Host Don Lemon Getting POOPED on by Bird

The old saying warns, ‘what goes around comes around!’ CNN host Don Lemon found himself in an unwanted situation at a NYC park yesterday after a bird pooped on his shoulder while he was walking his three dogs.

A picture captured the moment it happened; then, later Lemon posted a picture of the photo with the caption ‘I heard getting pooped on by a bird is good luck.’

It appears Lemon is attempting to make his followers and others forget the fact he has an ongoing assault and battery lawsuit filed against him for allegedly committing a sexually charged assault.

More Details on the Lawsuit Filed Against Lemon

The details behind the lawsuit against Don Lemon (who is openly gay) are completely disgusting. According to Fox News, a bartender by the name of Dustin Hice reportedly filed in his lawsuit that Lemon drunkenly approached him at a bar, put his hands down his pants, and started rubbing his private parts.

The lawsuit goes on to state after Lemon rubbed his private parts, he pushed his finger against Hice’s mustache and asked if he likes female genitalia or male genitalia.

Lemon has not mentioned anything about the lawsuit, except for saying it’s frivolous. CNN also has another prime-time host facing lawsuits for misconduct and his name is Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo Faces Sexual Harassment Charges

Chris Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment by his former boss at ABC News. His former boss, Shelley Rose, used to work as a producer for Cuomo’s show. She stated during a Christmas party, Cuomo came up to her and squeezed her buttocks.

Rose gave more details and said Cuomo gave her a big bear hug and then went on to allegedly squeeze her butt at the same time. Cuomo proudly told Rose he could do that to her, being she was no longer his boss anymore.

Chris Cuomo’s brother is the former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who resigned after over 11 women accused him of sexual harassment. Andrew Cuomo denied all the allegations of sexual assault and vowed not to resign.

Yet, eventually, Cuomo gave up his reigns after the DA of New York received incriminating evidence that proved Cuomo’s accusers were credible. While Andrew Cuomo was facing sexual harassment allegations, Chris Cuomo and CNN decided to start a smear campaign against Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, instead of covering his brother’s downfall.

It was even reported that Chris fed his brother Andrew advice on how to slip away from the allegations and make them fade away in the news cycle.

Before Andrew was facing allegations of sexual harassment, CNN lauded him as a prime example of how a governor can stop the spread of COVID; while doing so, they completely ignored his nursing home scandal.