President Trump Calls General Milley a Nutjob for Secretly Calling Chinese General

Former President Trump has fired back against General Mark Milley and called the woke official a complete nutjob. In a press release, Trump not only labeled Milley a nutjob, but also stated the general went behind his back and made the phone calls to General Li Zuocheng in the dark.

The 45th president went on to take a jab at Biden. Trump said Biden will not even attempt to fire Milley because if he does, then all of Biden’s dirty laundry concerning the horrific Afghanistan withdrawal would be revealed by Milley.

Trump’s statements come just hours after General Milley didn’t deny the reports of his calls to China, but instead, he defended the calls. Biden also backed Milley and said he has great confidence in Milley.

Trump’s Former Secretary of Defense Said He Did Not Authorize Milley’s Call

A new report by Fox News reveals Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller, did not authorize Milley’s call to China’s General Li. Miller said he would never allow such a call to take place. Miller went on to blast Milley and said the disgraced general should resign for insubordination immediately.

Miller, in an interview with Fox News, furthermore described what the role of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is. He explained that Milley’s job is to just give the president strategic military advice.

He then said the chain of command first comes from the president then the Secretary of Defense and then finally to the Chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff. It appears Milley ignored the chain of command and decided to contact China without notifying both Trump and Miller.

How Will This End For Milley?

It appears the mainstream media, the Biden administration, and the Pentagon are all covering Milley’s actions. This goes to show that liberals care more about their hate for Trump than they do about their own security. Milley’s activities were an act of treason that need to go before a court-martial.

However, more than likely, Milley will not be court-martialed. He will probably ride out the criticism, retire quietly, and get a book deal just like every other sold-out official.

Even before the revelations of Milley’s phone calls with Chinese officials were discovered, the Pentagon (under Milley’s leadership) launched an airstrike that killed ten civilians in Afghanistan and an aide worker that the Pentagon called an ISIS K member.

After the Afghan aid worker was murdered, Milley declared it was a righteous kill against an imminent threat. However, an investigation by the New York Times revealed that the U.S. military didn’t kill an ISIS K member or an imminent threat.

Instead, they murdered Zemerai Ahmadi, an Afghan who worked for an NGO in California. According to Milley, Ahmadi was involved in suspicious activities that led to him being a target.

Yet, CCTV footage obtained by the New York Times shows the day the airstrike was launched, Ahmadi was just filling up canisters of water.