President Trump Looks Like He Dropped Some Major Pounds

Several photos of Trump recently went viral because they show the 45th president has dropped some major weight in the last month. A picture of Trump on his international golf course in Florida shows him in great shape, with a very thin, yet healthy-looking, face.

Another photo of Trump at Mar-a-Lago also shows Trump’s major weight loss; it furthermore gives his supporters a hint that he’s staying in the political arena for the long haul.

Critics of Trump, however, were quick to state false claims that Trump has cancer. They also stated they could all but wish Trump has stomach cancer.

Voices from Trump’s inner circle have openly stated his weight loss comes as a direct result of different food choices and he also cut out McDonald’s from his daily diet.

Trump knows if he’s going to run again, he must be in the best shape of his life because, by 2024, he will be 78 years old.

Trump and Bill O’ Reilly Kick Off Tour

Trump obviously doesn’t have a life-threatening disease because currently, he’s kicking off a major tour with Bill O’Reilly. The History Tour just kicked off yesterday in Broward County, Florida, where thousands of Trump supporters lined up outside of Fla LIVE Arena.

Although thousands were lined up outside of the door, the corporate media claims the “History Tour” debut night was a bust and the arena wasn’t full.

However, videos tell a different story; take a look:

The crowd looks bigger than all of Biden’s public events combined. As most of you remember, when Biden was on the campaign trail at times, only a dozen people would show up.

This is embarrassing, considering more people show up to Little League games!

Trump Hints at His Next Vice President

During the history tour, Trump made remarks about how former Vice President Mike Pence fell under pressure and didn’t stand up against election fraud. Trump then went ahead and stated that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida would make a great vice president.

Many believe a Trump-DeSantis ticket would make the 2024 election a total landslide, while others believe Trump should run with a female vice-presidential candidate, such as political analyst Candace Owens.

Some other names that have been thrown into the hat are General Mike Flynn and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Trump’s former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, would make a great pick, too.

Regardless of who is Trump’s vice president, we all know the 2024 presidential election is going to be an interesting race. There is a real possibility Trump will throw his hat in the ring, as he’s hinted at doing so multiple times.

2024 is the year that Trump will more than likely be the GOP pick in the 2024 presidential election.