President Trump Releases New Statement Calling Colin Powell A RINO

President Trump, in his latest statement, blasted the mainstream media for praising former Secretary of State Colin Powell as a mistake-free hero.

Trump slammed the mainstream press for failing to mention Powell’s false statements before the UN Security Council, false statements which incorrectly claimed Iraq had WMD (weapons of mass destruction).

Trump is right; the CIA director, at the time, told Powell there were WMDs in Iraq. Then, without even questioning the information, Powell told the entire world Iraq was equipped with WMDs on national television.

Many believe Powell was used by the CIA, due to the fact he was a likable person at the time. Also, the Bush administration knew Powell’s word was more believable to the American people since he earned a Purple Heart in the Vietnam War.

Besides calling out Powell for his mistakes regarding Iraq, Trump also called him a RINO.

Powell, during the last several years before his death, voted for Democrats such as Obama, Clinton, and Biden. At one point during 2020, Powell even called Trump a liar.

Then, after the Capitol riots on January 6th, Powell stated he no longer wanted to be part of the Republican Party.

Iraq Warned the UN They Didn’t Have WMDs Before Powell Made His Infamous Speech

A cable that resurfaced from 2003 revealed the UN and the US were warned by Iraq they did not, in fact, have any weapons of mass destruction.

A cable from Iraq that was released by WikiLeaks revealed Iraq warned the UN that Powell was going to inform they were supposedly in possession of weapons of mass destruction. However, the reality was they had no type of weapons at all.

The cable also stated after the UN inspected the country of Iraq for over two months, their state of the art technology found nothing. However, history tells us despite issuing the inspection, the US and UK invaded Iraq and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found.


Trump’s Website Got Hacked

After Trump called Colin Powell a RINO, liberals (as always) verbally attacked Trump on all social media platforms; however, in an unrelated incident, Trump’s website was hacked by a Turkish hacker group.

The hacker group Rootayyildiz claimed responsibility for the hack. They turned one of Trump’s pages into a pro-Islam page that stated, ‘don’t be like those who forgot Allah’.

The hack didn’t last long, however, and Trump’s internet security teams were able to get his site up and running back in no time.

The picture above shows the image posted by the hacker group and their message. Liberals were quick to praise the hackers after Trump’s site was briefly hacked, even though they had no clue on who the hacker group really was.