President Trump Silences Rumors of Rift Between Him and DeSantis

President Trump silenced all rumors concerning a conflict between him and the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. The rumor came about when after the Sunrise Building collapsed and some media outlets reported that DeSantis asked Trump not to hold a rally in the state.

The rumor got even bigger after Trump made no mention of DeSantis at his rally in Sarasota, Florida. According to an aide from both Trump and DeSantis, that rumor has proved to be false.

President Trump even spoke out against the rumor between the two and in his latest Newsmax interview; Trump went on record saying that he told DeSantis that it was more important for him to stay in Miami.

This is due to the recent condo collapse still has an ongoing rescue mission. A source close to Trump said the “rift” was just a creation from the media.

Top Highlights of Trump’s Latest Rally

Trump may have not given Republican Governor Ron DeSantis a shout-out, but he mentioned several other politicians who are looking to run in the 2022 primaries. Close to 30,000 people showed up and even got rained on to hear Trump give a 90-minute speech where he talked about several topics.

In his speech, he talked about the election fraud that occurred in 2020. Trump then went on to say he was trying to preserve American democracy by fighting the fraud.

He then switched gears and asked the question “Who shot Ashli Babbitt?”

Trump followed the question by telling the crowd how he called Babbitt’s mother who’s devastated about losing her daughter. Trump went on to make another inquiry, asking the crowd why are so many people still in jail from January 6th, but nobody from the other side is in jail for burning down Democrat-run cities.

The rally truly showed that nobody in the Republican Party has more enthusiasm behind them than Trump. 

DeSantis Met Up With Biden

Some Trump supporters are no longer wanting Gov. DeSantis to be Trump’s running mate; this comes after the Florida governor was seen with Joe Biden when he visited Miami after the Surfside Condo collapsed.

The media praised the two for putting politics aside. Several news outlets lauded both the Republican governor and the Democrat president for instead choosing to show compassion towards those who lost a loved one due to the building’s collapse.

At one point DeSantis even thanked Biden for showing his support towards the victims; in return, President Biden notably gave the Florida governor a subtle touch.

Now, some people are under the impression that DeSantis let Biden off the hook; others believe that DeSantis ultimately made Biden look as if he’s the great and almighty peacemaker between Democrats and Republicans in America.