President Trump Speaks Out About Steve Bannon’s Indictment

President Trump has just released a new statement regarding his former advisor, Steve Bannon, being indicted for contempt of Congress.

A grand jury indicted Bannon for contempt of Congress after he refused to hand over documents and testify before the January 6th commission. This commission is being spearheaded by Democrat Nancy Pelosi and RINO Liz Cheney.

Trump defended Bannon in his latest press release and wrote ‘this country has persecuted Steve Bannon.’ He then wrote that the Democrats’ arm (which is the Department of Justice) is not just coming for Bannon, but everybody.

Trump then added if our country was as strict on China and Russia as we are on conservatives, then it’s quite possible our country would not be falling apart right now.

Bannon is the first person in over 40 years to be charged with contempt of Congress; this goes to show political persecution is worsening. Trump formerly pardoned Bannon over previous fraud charges.

Trump Releases Another Statement

Trump, in a second statement, wrote he’s puzzled about why the Department of Justice is going on a witchhunt for every person who declared the 2020 presidential election as fraudulent.

Trump continued by saying the states and elected officials behind voter fraud should be investigated for the events that occurred on January 6th.

45 then wrote the American people will not tolerate the subversion of justice much longer. It is true; Americans are sick and tired of being political prisoners in a nation that is supposed to be the land of the free.

More on Bannon and Others

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon and former NSA director General Mike Flynn were both subpoenaed to come to Congress to testify before the January 6th commission.

Bannon refused and is now being charged for it, but Flynn, on the other hand, is going to go before Congress and testify.

If you’re already familiar with General Flynn, you know he’s not going down to Congress to cry about what happened on January 6th; he will go in there with the Bill of Rights he carries around at his events and then tell Congress to read them.

Flynn and Bannon are literally being persecuted for speaking at Stop the Steal rallies in DC. Neither Flynn nor Bannon were inside of the Capitol and they never encouraged anyone to enter the Capitol.

More than likely, Flynn will be asked why he did an interview with InfoWars host Alex Jones on January 5th. To be honest, Bannon should’ve just done the same as Flynn and gone before Congress to testify.

The reason being is because Bannon could then tell Pelosi and others face to face what they’re doing in this country is wrong, but instead, Bannon will have to plead his case before a judge.