Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is Permanently Banned From Twitter

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has been permanently banned from Twitter for violating the company’s “COVID policy on disinformation.”

The last tweet that was apparently too much for Twitter to allow on their platform was a tweet about the number of “vaccine deaths.”

Earlier in the year, Greene was suspended for tweeting about how ‘vaccines do not reduce the spread of COVID-19.’

In hindsight, her tweet was absolutely right and now, vaccine advocates like Bill Gates are even admitting that fact out loud.

Greene, after being banned from the platform, went on GETTR and stated, ‘Twitter is an enemy to every United States citizen’.

Greene went on to mention how other lawmakers, such as Maxine Waters and terrorist organizations, can make threats on Twitter, but there are never any repercussions.

Inventor of the mRNA Technology Also Gets Suspended

Another notable name has also been suspended on Twitter recently.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology that is used in the new COVID vaccines, has been booted from the platform, just like Rep. Greene.

Dr. Malone was kicked off Twitter for sharing a video of the harmful effects of the Pfizer vaccine.

The move by Twitter is seen as a major ethical and censorship problem, considering Dr. Malone is the actual trailblazer who helped invent mRNA technology which is both issued in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine.

mRNA technology communicates to our bodies to create the spike protein in COVID-19 and then manufactures antibodies that start once you get infected.

Dr. Malone also went on GETTR after being suspended from Twitter. GETTR is supposed to be  a new platform that allows users to exercise free speech.

However, it has received from backlash lately over suspending people for using certain words. The social media platform was founded by former Trump advisor Jason Miller.

Will Trump’s New Social Media Platform Fix This All?

Trump is set to launch a new social media platform called TruthSocial this year, but many are skeptical as to whether it will be as big as Twitter.

Trump,who is a firm advocate of free speech, is just one man; in order for his social media platform to work, it will have to have staff that are also free speech advocates.

If just one employee decides to ban a user for exercising their thoughts, then Trump’s site will be doomed.

More than likely, liberals right now are looking for ways to infiltrate Trump’s new social media platform.

So hopefully, Trump’s tech team is already looking into these threats. Besides Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, Gab is also a nice alternative for those looking to not get banned from a social media platform for expressing their thoughts.