Santa Clause Arrested For Not Wearing a Mask

A video that has gone viral in Germany shows Santa Clause being arrested by police officers for not wearing a mask.

The video was posted by Disclose.TV and has been shared with around one million people so far. The arrest occurred in Strausland, Germany near an open market.

Police, however, claim they didn’t arrest the man dressed as Santa for not wearing a mask, but rather because he was protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates without a mask in a gathering of over 50 people.

The man was later charged for resisting arrest and for insulting the officers. I guess police officers in Germany can charge people for hurting their feelings.

Germany Police, Days Earlier, Made Another Bizarre Move

In another viral video, German police officers were going through a crowd of protestors against COVID-19 vaccine mandates with large measuring rods. The police would use the measuring rods to measure the distance between each person who was assembled at the protest.

At the beginning of the month, Chancellor Merkel issued a mandate. This mandate stated all unvaccinated citizens would have to be in lockdown. So, while vaccinated people can roam the streets freely, the unvaccinated citizens are being treated like dirt.

Things Are Getting Worse in Europe

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnston recently stated a tidal wave of the new variant omicron was on its way. He then went on to say everyone must be vaccinated in order to obtain their freedoms.

So, essentially he’s saying in order to have freedom, you must be vaccinated against COVID and if you refuse to get vaccinated, you will lose your freedom.

Italy, Austria, and other European countries are fighting back; those who are against lockdowns and forced vaccinations are standing up against tyranny. Thousands of people have been protesting in both Austria and Italy in recent months.

They haven’t given up on standing up for their rights, even when it would be easy to just get the jab and live “normally” again. The COVID-19 pandemic showed the sad truth of the reality of democracies around the globe.

We tout in Democratic-controlled countries about our lists of freedoms, but the pandemic showed us those freedoms can be taken away in the name of “public safety” at any moment.

Governments around the world found out you can use public health concerns to control the masses with ease and barely any pushback. Churches, schools, businesses were all closed.

All the world did was sit back and watch. Yes, there were some protests but to be honest, the world’s governments ran all over the people they govern. Most of them were okay to have paid time off work and stimulus checks in exchange for their rights.