Satanic Temple Confesses They Perform Child Sacrifice Rituals Through Abortions

In a desperate attempt to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision that allowed Texas’ heartbeat law banning abortions past six weeks, the Satanic Temple declared child sacrifice rituals performed through abortions are an official ritual of the Satanic Temple.

By making the child sacrifice an “official” ritual, Satanists plan to argue that Texas’ new abortion law goes against their religious freedoms that are guarded by the U.S. Constitution.

The Satanic Temple has already sent a letter to the FDA; this letter requests the agency to allow Texas members of the Satanic Temple to have access to abortion pills for ritual use.

The attorney for the Satanic Temple stated that abortions can be religious; the attorney also believes the Satanic Temple has a good chance of winning a lawsuit against the state of Texas.

What is an Abortion Ritual?

According to the Satanic Temple’s official website, an abortion ritual consists of the mother who is pregnant reciting the 3rs and 5th in a chanting fashion. The 3rd tenet, according to the Satanic Temple, is a declaration that our body is our own and we have free will over it. The fifth tenet explains how science prevails over one’s beliefs.

Essentially, the entire abortion ritual is an attempt for a mother not to feel guilty when she’s getting an abortion. Many Catholics and Christians believe that abortions are child sacrifices to the god of self.

In the Old Testament, the Bible talks about how in ancient Israel parents would offer up their babies to the fire god Molech. Nowadays, nobody in America is offering babies to graven images; however, parents are offering up their babies to abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood that was founded by Eugenicists in order to preserve their selfish lifestyles.

Liberal News Outlets are Lauding the Satanic Temple

Ever since the Satanic Temple started to put together a civil case against the state of Texas, many liberal outlets have been praising the religious group. Salon put out an article that declared the Satanic Temple’s potential lawsuit is pro-choice advocates’ last hope to legalize abortions once again in the state of Texas.

The article by Salon went on to criticize Texas AG Ken Paxton (who has been an advocate of religious rights) for not speaking out for the Satanic Temple’s “religious rights” to perform abortion rituals.

The Satanic Temple’s case, if approved by the Supreme Court, would be a dangerous precedent to set. If your religion condones murdering babies, then you shouldn’t be able to express that religious right.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Satanic Temple and declares abortion rituals part of a person’s constitutional religious rights, then that would open up the door for many extremists to do whatever their religion allows them to do.

For example, Jihadists could murder a large number of people and then just use the Constitution’s religious rights as a defense.