Scientist are Creating Vaccine-filled Vegetables to Replace Shots

Scientists at the University of California were given $500,000 from the NSF (National Science Foundation) to develop unique biotechnology. This biotechnology imparts the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines into vegetables, such as lettuce and spinach.

The scientists’ task is daunting, due to the fact they have to change the genes of the plant in order to produce mRNA.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the researchers are using nano-biotechnology to fuse mRNA into the chloroplasts. This will then order the cells to reproduce the COVID-19 vaccine.

So now, children won’t be the only ones forced to eat their vegetables; in the near future, Big Brother could be making you eat your COVID-19 vaccine. Yuck!

More on the Vegetable Vaccine

The man leading the charge is Professor Juan Giraldo with the University of California in the Botany and Sciences Department. Giraldo believes one plant could produce enough mRNA for a single person.

He even has long terms goals of people growing the vaccine plants in their homes. Many people aren’t appetized about eating a vaccine salad; this turns them away from getting vaccinated even more.

Regardless of whether a person consumes the vaccine by eating or getting a shot, the vaccine can still cause major side effects and even death. VAERS has reported over 18,000 people died so far from being vaccinated.

Our vegetables are already covered with toxic supplements like GMOs, but it appears scientists want to make them more toxic by turning our vegetables into vaccines. Hopefully, these experiments fail because the last thing Americans want with their steak is a vaccine salad.

Ten States are Suing the Biden Administration

Eating COVID-19 vaccines isn’t the only vaccine news making headlines. In other news, ten states have sued the Biden administration for issuing vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.

The states of Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, and Alaska are the ones suing Biden.

The lawsuit is led by Missouri’s Attorney General and it has a total of 58 pages. It furthermore states the Biden administration’s decision to force healthcare workers to be vaccinated against COVID is unconstitutional.

One part of the statement in the lawsuit declares last year’s heroes are now this year’s enemies; this couldn’t be more true. The media lauded healthcare workers and praised them every chance they got.

However, as soon as these same healthcare workers started to speak out against vaccine mandates, they became enemy number one.

Thousands of healthcare workers have already lost their jobs, due to the fact they were not vaccinated. States like New York have even drafted plans to get the National Guard involved at hospitals.

They are even now paying for foreigners to work at hospitals all across New York City. What a shame.