Swedish Company Invents Microchip That Contains COVID-19 Passport

A Swedish company has created technology that is able to store a person’s COVID-19 vaccine status under their skin.

A Swedish tech start-up called Epicenter publicly announced they have created an implant that goes into someone and is able to read someone’s COVID-19 passport by using NFC (near-field communication).

The new tech was showcased in a video posted by the South China Post. This video has now gone viral.

In the video, it shows a rice sized chip being implanted into a person’s hand between their thumb and finger. Check out the video here:

This Technology Isn’t New At All

The idea of keeping a COVID-19 passport inside of a person’s skin is a fairly new idea; however, microchips being implanted in a person’s body is not a new concept.

In 1998, an engineer by the name of Kevin Warwick had a microchip implanted into his skin. This was done in order for him to study intelligent buildings that were being operated by computers.

Warwick’s end goal is to become a cyborg, which is a a person who is taken over by electromechanical technologies.

Another technology company based in Wisconsin already microchipped some of its employees in 2017. Three Square Market employees have microchips in their skin.

These microchips give them access to rooms and also the ability to pay for food in vending machines in their break room. The microchips that Three Square Markets used were made by a company called Biohax.

So, the technology has been out for a while now, but it appears a mass participation of the new tech could be on its way very soon.

Christians Believe These Chips Are Evil

Many Christians believe the new microchips being produced are prophetic and some have even stated these chips could be the “Mark of the Beast” that is talked about in the book of Revelations.

In Revelations, people can no longer sell or buy things without having the Mark of the Beast. In the book of Revelations, however, the prophetic passage in the Bible also says the “chip” must have the name of the beast or the number 666 on it.

It’s unlikely these chips produced by the Swiss company are the Mark of the Beast. Nevertheless, it is likely the masses are being normalized to the idea of receiving microchips into their arms.

This way, when the Mark of the Beast is revealed, the masses will take it without a doubt. COVID-19 shutdowns and vaccine mandates have taught us people will take something against their will in order to keep their security or comfort.

Many people got vaccinated in order to receive their green cards, keep their jobs, and in some European countries, to even enter stores, the movies, and the market.