Taliban Killing Christians If Bible App is Found on Their Phones

A Christian Media ministry has just announced that the Taliban is going door to door, killing any Christian who has a copy of the Bible app on their phone. SAT-7 has been broadcasting Christian media within Afghanistan for several years and they have released a statement.

This statement is declaring that their inside sources within Afghanistan have notified them that the Taliban is going on public trains, into houses, and on the streets, asking people to see their phones in order to know if they have the Bible on it or not. If an Afghan has any kind of Bible or any kind of literature or music related to Christianity, then those Christians are being executed.

While most lukewarm Christians in America are deleting their Bible apps to free up some data on their phones, Christians in Afghanistan are being persecuted for having the Word of God on their phone.

Other Christian Organizations Are Sounding the Alarm in Afghanistan

Breitbart News also reported that many Christian organizations and non-profits are sounding the alarm about the Taliban’s crackdown on Christians and ethnic minorities in the last 72 hours. Even before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, a watch group listed Afghanistan as the second worst place to be a Christian and number one on that list was North Korea.

For many Christian believers if they come to Christ, their family will disown them and even kill them in order to not shame the family name. Other Christians have been sent to insane asylums because if you leave Islam, you are considered legally insane.

Under the Afghan government, there was a law called Apostacy which would sentence anyone who denied the Muslim faith to death. Now with the Taliban in power, persecutions of Christians are expected to rise even more and will force most Christians to go into hiding.

Who Exactly Are The Taliban?

The Taliban’s rise to power started in the early 1990s when a group of Pashtun religious students formed militias after the Soviet Union withdrew their troops from Afghanistan. The religious students were taught a very strict form of Sunni Islam; this led to them later enforcing very strict measure of Sharia Law over the cities and towns they captured.

When they first came on the scene, some people accepted the Taliban due to the fact they waged war against corrupt warlords and politicians; however, those feeling drastically changed after the Taliban banned music and television, started public executions and drastically took away women’s rights.

When the U.S. sent troops to Afghanistan in a hunt to find Osama Bin Laden in October of 2001, by December of 2001, the Taliban was mostly dispersed but never fully taken out as we can see today.