The Department of Justice Decides Vaccine Mandates are Legal

The Department of Justice just released an opinion declaring that federal law doesn’t prohibit agencies and businesses from mandating vaccines, even if they’re under an Emergency Use Authorization.

The Legal Counsel department within the DOJ wrote an 18 page opinion on whether or not Section 564 of the Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act allows businesses and agencies to require a vaccine that has been labeled under a EUA.

The DOJ made a conclusion stating that Section 564 does not prohibit entities from requiring vaccines labeled under a EUA; that’s due to the fact they decided the clause within Section 564 (which states employees and agencies can “accept or refuse” EUA vaccinations) only implies that information regarding the vaccine must be available to vaccine recipients.

The DOJ Referenced Project Bio Shield to Defend Their Decision

After September 11th terror attacks, Congress got together and passed the Project Bio Shield Act; it called for $5 billion dollars to be used for purchasing vaccines if the United States was attacked by bio-terrorists.

Putting asides funds for vaccines wasn’t Project Bio Shield’s main goal; rather the hidden aim was to allow the U.S. government to stockpile vaccines that have never been authorized by the FDA. The Act also amended the Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act to authorize EUAs and essentially allow unapproved vaccines to be used by the general public.

The Biden Administration Announces Mandatory Vaccination for Veteran Affairs Employees

Shortly after the DOJ shared their opinion, the Department of Veteran Affairs announced that over 100,000 medical employees will be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Medical staff employed by the V.A. have eight weeks to get vaccinated; if they refuse to do so, they could be terminated or suspended without pay.

The VA was the first federal agency to make the COVID-19 vaccine; many believe they were just the guinea pig and more federal agencies will follow. Other agencies like the CIA have not mandated the COVID-19 vaccine, but they have had close to 95% of their agents vaccinated.

This leaves many to believe that the vaccine is being forced on agents behind closed doors. So basically, agents within the CIA must either get vaccinated or be forced to be put in a position that isn’t favorable to their interests.

One of the most well known businesses to mandate the vaccine is the NFL. Coaches in the NFL must be vaccinated if they want to keep their positions; two NFL coaches found out the hard way after they were fired for refusing to be vaccinated. Both the coaches for the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots were terminated from the positions after they refused to be vaccinated.

Players aren’t being forced to take the vaccine; however, if they refuse to get vaccinated, then they will have to abide by unfavorable rules which practically segregate them from their teammates. So the vaccine isn’t mandated for the players, but ultimately the NFL is making players’ lives difficult if they don’t get vaccinated.