U.S. Troop Death Toll Up to 13, 18 Others Wounded

Yesterday was a tragic day for our Armed Forces. Two suicide bombers believed to be affiliated with ISIS K detonated bombs; this resulted in 13 U.S. troops being left dead and 18 others wounded. Along with the U.S. casualties, there were also over 60 Afghans killed in the blast and hundreds of others injured.

The military reported that 11 Marines were killed in the blast along with one Army soldier and a Navy medic. As of right now, their names and ranks have not been given to the public, due to the fact there is still an ongoing investigation regarding their identities.

The 18 wounded military members are currently seeking medical attention on a C-17 that has been set up as a care unit accompanied by military doctors.

Details Behind the Attack

The first blast occurred outside of the Abbey gate of the Hamid Karzai International Airport located in Kabul, Afghanistan. General Frank McKenzie, in a press conference, stated that a suicide bomber believed to be affiliated with ISIS K approached the Abbey gate.

Thie person then walked towards U.S. Marines who were standing in front of the gate. As the terrorist got closer to the Marines, he detonated a bomb that was attached to himself and a major blast ensued.

The second blast occurred outside of the Barron hotel which is 200 yards away from the Abbey Gate. After the blasts took place, gunfire was also sprayed by unknown men in the crowd.

Who is ISIS K, the Group Believed to be Behind the Attack?

ISIS K, also knows as Islamic State Khorasan, was established towards the end of 2004; this happened when ex-members of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban both formed a militia group and affiliated themselves with ISIS.

Before the attack at the Kabul airport, the group admitted responsibility for a terrorist attack on a girl’s school in the city of Kabul. Currently, there are more ISIS threats against U.S. troops in Kabul. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is urging all U.S. citizens to not make their way to the Kabul airport.

Biden Responds to the Terrorist Attack

Biden, a few hours after the attack took place, addressed the world in a speech; he declared that the U.S. military is going to hunt down whoever is responsible for the attack and make them pay for it. The entire speech, though, was read off of a teleprompter, and as usual, Biden stumbled while reading it.

At the end of his speech, Biden told the press he was instructed to call on certain members of the press which raised several eyebrows. Many on social media wondered who’s calling the shots for Biden because it’s obvious he’s not calling the shots.

Watch the moment that Biden said it here: