Torrance Police Find Close to 300 California Recall Ballots in Man’s Car

The mainstream media would have you believe that election fraud never occurs; however, a police report from Torrance, California completely destroys that narrative. A recent report from the Torrance Police Department stated that they arrested a man for having possession of a loaded firearm, Xanax, methamphetamines’ and over 300 unopened ballots for the upcoming California recall election.

According to ABC 7 News, police are still investigating why the man had over 300 ballots inside of his car; according to the report, most of the ballots had addresses from the city of Lawndale and Compton. Police are now working with Los Angeles county and the Post Office Inspector in a new investigation on how the man was able to obtain all of the ballots.

Details Behind The Arrest

The Torrance Police Department released a statement on their Facebook which read they seized a loaded gun, drugs, and ballots inside of a car parked at a 7/11 convenience store. According to the police report, an officer arrived to the 7/11 and noticed a man sleeping inside of his car.

The officer was concerned that the man might have overdosed and proceeded to tap on the car’s window. The man eventually woke up and responded to police; then, soon after his car was searched, it took officers no time at all before they found illegal narcotics, a loaded firearm, and close to 300 ballots.

The man was arrested and booked. Although, he has since been released because California’s approach to crime is extremely soft, due to the state being overrun by liberals at almost every level.

Democrats Doing Everything to Prevent Larry Elder From Being Governor

The news of the ballots being in the man’s car come around the same time the liberal news has been writing hit pieces on Republican Larry Elder. Elder plans to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the California recall election.

Moreover, it appears Democrats are afraid a Republican will take control over California, due to the fact the Los Angeles Times recently published a piece that called Larry Elder a white supremacist. The piece was absolutely bizarre considering Larry Elder is a black conservative and isn’t even remotely close to being a white supremacist.

After the hit piece came out, the State of California launched an investigation into Elder on whether or not he shared of all of his sources of income. The investigation started when the Democrat Party of California filed a complaint against Elder, alleging he failed to comply with California’s transparency rules regarding candidates running for the governor position.

It appears the Democrat Party is terrified and finding any way possible to get rid of Elder. So for the next couple of weeks, expect Larry Elder to be bombarded with allegations to try to hurt his public image.