Transgender YouTuber Who Allegedly Raped His Mom Will Be Jailed With Women

Chris Chan, a 39-year-old transgender YouTuber, has been officially identified as a female by police, despite being a biological male. Chan was arrested for allegedly raping his mother and is being housed with women at a Virginia regional jail.

Chris Chan, who goes by Christine Weston Chandler, was arrested in his home after authorities received a leaked phone call; this call revealed that Chan allegedly admitted to raping his 79-year-old mother who suffers from dementia.

The transgender YouTuber was soon arrested after police obtained the leaked phone call and charged him with incest; this is a crime punishable for 12 years in federal prison. Chan lived as a man his whole life, but in 2014, he decided that he would then identify as a female.

Details Behind Chris Chan

Christine Weston Chandler is best known for creating a comic series called Sonichu. At the time of his arrest, his YouTube channel had over 50,000 followers. Police arrested Chan after a leaked phone on a messenger app was traced back to Chan.

According to the Daily Mail, the call recorded a voice that appeared to be Chris Chan stating that he had sex with his elderly mother who has dementia. As of right now, the authenticity of the recording is still under investigation but apparently, the police had enough evidence of suspicion to arrest Chan.

Transgenders (Biological Males) Are Deciding To Be Housed With Women

Liberal lawmakers are now making it easier than ever to allow transgenders to be housed with the gender they identify as. In 2019, a transgender named Deon Hampton (who was serving a 10-year sentence for a burglary) became one of the first males to be transferred to an all-women prison.

The Illinois Department of Corrections made the decision, due to the fact the federal courts were siding with Hampton’s argument that her equal rights were being violated. Instead of defending women’s safety, courts are now starting to protect the far left’s ideology.

California Governor Signed Law That Gives Transgenders Choice Of Housing

In 2020, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 132 which declares all inmates will be housed according to their gender identities. The law forces the California Department of Corrections to no longer house inmates according to their biological sex, but rather house them according to the gender that they identify.

The majority of states house inmates according to their gender at birth, but states like California, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Illinois all recognize someone’s gender identity.

Recent reports from women who are housed in California facilities declared that the Health Department is now issuing condoms to women who are imprisoned. Many women inmates believe that the state of California is showing an admission of guilt and are supplying the condoms to them because they believe that there’s a high chance that transgenders (biological males) will rape the women.