Trump Lawsuit Slams Facebook, Google and Twitter as State Actors

President Trump recently held a press conference where he announced a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

In his announcement, Trump called out the three big tech companies for illegally censoring conservatives’ voices on the web.

The class-action lawsuit is aimed at Facebook, Twitter, and Google for trillions of dollars for their alleged First Amendment violations. Trump is also looking to dismantle Section 230, which gives immunity to internet companies when it comes to being sued by third parties.

According to the New York Post, in Trump’s monumental speech, he even stated that the big tech cimpanies were originally private entities; however, in recent years, they have become state actors. If this is proven true in the court of law, then Google, Facebook, and Twitter would no longer be protected by Section 230.

The 45th president continued in his speech; Trump went on record saying Facebook, Twitter and Google have been weaponized by government actors who are using the companies to force censorship.

Facebook Is A State Actor According To Trump’s Lawsuit

According to its definition, a state actor is a person or company that is acting on behalf of the government.

A portion of Trump’s lawsuit specifically states that Facebook worked on behalf of federal actors, which would no longer make it a private company, but rather a state actor.

The Lawsuit Claims Democrats Feared Trump’s Social Media Skills

In Trump’s lawsuit, it also states that Democrats coerced social media companies to censor him, due to the fact they feared his social media presence.

Trump would use his Twitter to update his supporters with news and updates; however, since he has been kicked off both Twitter and Facebook, this has made it more difficult to campaign.

One of Trump’s members on his team determined the case will answer the question of who really rules in America; is it a bunch of oligarchs in Silicon Valley or we the people?

The Mainstream Media Refused To Cover Trump’s Press Conference

MSNBC and CNN declined to air Trump’s monumental press conference and their ratings reflected that.

Fox News, on the other hand, did cover the event; although, they cut off their live coverage after Trump started speaking out against election fraud. Newsmax, on the other hand, covered the entire event.

Since being banned on YouTube (Google-owned), Trump just recently started uploading his rallies and press conference to his account, where he has in return received a lot of views.

He has yet to find another substitute for Facebook and Twitter, though. One of his aides, Jason Miller, recently launched a social media app named GETTR, which aims to cancel nobody, unlike Twitter and Facebook.

As of right now, Trump’s main form of communication is through press releases sent out through emails.