Trump Says California Recall Election Was Rigged

The California recall election has been called. Sadly, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom will remain as the governor of California. According to Fox News, after 68% of the vote was counted, Governor Gavin Newsom was projected as the winner.

This projection of the California recall election happened after 63.9% of the vote which totaled 5,840,283 votes. His Republican opponent Larry Elder, on the other hand, received 36% of the vote with 3,297,145 votes.

The landslide victory stunned many Republicans and even former President Trump commented on the outcome of the recall election. Trump, in an interview with Newsmax, said the California election was rigged just like the 2020 presidential election.

Trump Slams Newsom for California’s Water Shortage

President Trump, before the election took place, slammed California for allowing “swarming ballots.” This is a nickname he gave mail-in ballots that are counted at the last minute and usually at night. Trump then went on to slam Newsom for not being able to bring water into the state.

California has a serious drought problem that many farmers claim is man-made by liberal environmentalists. Close to billions of gallons of rainwater each year are being dumped out in the ocean, instead of being spread throughout the dry state.

The reason the water is being poured out into the ocean, instead of spread across the state, is because liberal lawmakers are turning the state into a dustbowl. They’re doing this in order to protect a fish called the Delta Smelt.

In 2019, Trump offered federal help to California to end the drought in the state; however, the blue state turned down the offer because it would mean that some rainwater would be diverted to the Delta Smelt’s habitations and they would possibly go instinct.

So apparently, liberal logic says the entire state should suffer from wildfires and farmers should lose their livelihoods in order to increase fish’s living conditions.

Larry Elder Officially Concedes

Although there were several reports throughout the state of California that voting machines falsely indicated to voters they already voted, Republican candidates decided to concede anyway.

Elder received over 3,000,000 votes in the recall but the number of votes for him is small, compared to Trump’s 6,000,000 votes. These totals show us that many Republican voters just stayed at home and didn’t participate in the recall; either that or there have been severe technical difficulties concerning voting machines.

Elder doesn’t seem like he is going anywhere. He told his supporters to stay tuned for what’s next. Republican Larry Elder has the best shot to dethrone Newsom as the governor of California in the next election.

However, this will require every Republican to come out and vote, just like they did for Trump. As of right now, Elder’s chances of getting elected in the liberal utopia of California are falling, due to thousands of Republicans leaving California to go to states like Texas and Florida.