Twitter Allows Taliban Leaders To Tweet But Banned Trump

Donald Trump

Taliban spokespersons have been using their Twitter accounts to update the world on the Taliban’s advances across the country. Many users on Twitter found this disturbing considering the fact that President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter.

However, it appears that Twitter has no problem with the Taliban posting about their murderous takeover on Twitter tweet by tweet.

According to Fox News, a Taliban spokesperson by the name of Zabihullah Mujahid’s has been posting pro-Taliban tweets on Twitter; he has also been posting update on the Taliban takeover city by city.

Mujahid has also changed his Twitter bio to read that he is the spokesperson of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”; this is the new name the Taliban has for Afghanistan, now that the country is in their control.

Twitter has no problem silencing President Trump and his supporters, but when it comes to terror groups, there’s not even a warning on their tweets.

It appears in Twitter’s eyes, those who tweet about election fraud and talk about harmful side effects of COVID-19 are more dangerous than the Taliban! Rep. Madison Cawthorn said it best when he asked why Trump doesn’t have a Twitter account when the Taliban does.

Afghanistan is in Complete and Utter Chaos

Hundreds of videos emerged on Twitter of Afghanistan citizens in large numbers desperately trying to get on evacuation planes that were leaving the Kabul International Airport.

The videos were completely sad to watch, but show that the people of Afghanistan know what terror waits for them if they stay in their country.

Here is one of the videos:

So while Twitter is enabling the Taliban to tweet about their military advances, they refuse to let President Trump (who kept the Taliban in check) even tweet. It’s beyond clear what team Twitter is on now.

Flashback to Trump Being Banned from Twitter

President Trump was permanently banned from Twitter on January 8th, shortly after he sent out a tweet that stated the 75 million people who voted for him were great patriots.

Twitter decided to ban him, due to the fact they believed he was inciting violence with his tweets to his 80 million followers; yet, this belief was far from the truth. Trump never incited violence on Twitter, but what he did speak was the truth.

Since Trump was taken off Twitter, there was a major conservative purge from Twitter that followed. Meanwhile, even questioning the election could land you a suspension or a ban from the platform.

Imagine if this was happening in 2001; it would be unheard of, but America has come a long way since then. We have almost turned into a country that is completely run by corporations which are pushing “woke” ideologies.