Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Steps Down

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has just announced he’s stepping down as the CEO of Twitter. The company announced current CTO Parag Agrawal will now take the helms as Twitter’s CEO.

The news bounced Twitter’s stock by 2%, but has many people wondering why he suddenly stepped down.

Dorsey, who is only 45, founded the company in 2006. He has helped the popular social media site become one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet.

Dorsey announced in a statement the company is ready to depart from its founders. The subtle comment has many people wondering if Dorsey was even calling the shots during his time at Twitter.

They also questioned if there was a shadow controller of the company that rampantly started to ban conservatives within the last two years.

More on the Story

Dorsey won’t be retiring anytime soon; the tech mogul is also the CEO of payment company, Square. He will likewise remain on Twitter’s board until the end of 2022.

Dorsey’s replacement has served as Twitter’s CTO since 2017 and has been working with Twitter for over 10 years. Agrawal worked mostly with Twitter’s AI programs and the machine learning sector of the company.

Several board members saw the move coming, considering that last year, a major stakeholder within the company called for Dorsey to step down.

The 45 year old’s sudden departure has some people wondering if a major allegation is about to be released in the coming months about Dorsey.

These big tech companies play 3D chess. They’re not the ones to be caught by surprise over anything. Also, they’re willing to thrown their own away in order to keep their empire in tact.

Dorsey’s Biggest Mistake as CEO

Dorsey’s biggest mistake as the CEO of Twitter was to allow President Trump’s account to be banned from Twitter.

Dorsey’s move set a precedent that big tech companies have more power than the president of the United States. If you disagree with that statement, just look at how easy it was for Trump to be censored.

Dorsey’s resignation will not bring back all of the conservative voices that were banned. To be honest, Twitter could even become more censored.

When Dorsey created the platform, free speech was advocated on the site. Yet, this changed when Dorsey was pushed by the woke mob and stakeholders to start banning anyone who challenged the corporate media’s narrative on any topic.

His advocation for censorship single-handedly gave birth to Gab, Parler, and Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social.

So, without Twitter’s major overreach, these three great platforms probably would have never seen the light of day.

Twitter, at the end of the day, is a company. So, if users don’t like that company, they can just find another site. That’s how a capitalistic society works.