Two Afghan Evacuees Charged for Sex with Minors, Domestic Violence

The consequences of Biden’s horrific troop withdrawal from Afghanistan just keep on coming. The military reported that two Afghan evacuees living at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin have now been arrested.

The State Department announced one Afghan evacuee was arrested for alleged sex crimes against a minor; meanwhile, the other man was arrested for domestic abuse against his wife.

According to court documents, 20 year-old Bahrullah Noori got taken into custody after he allegedly touched minors’ genitals in a bathroom forcefully three different times. He was also charged with sexually assaulting another minor at a different location.

The second man arrested was Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32. He is being charged with allegedly strangling his wife. After other women witnessed the woman being strangled, they reported the incident to soldiers. These soldiers then detained the man and put the woman in another part of the military barracks.

Several Afghan Men Evacuated with Their Child Brides

Most of us will never forget the horrific images and videos showing thousands of Afghan citizens crowing the Kabul airport looking to board a evacuation flight. A large majority of those who boarded the evacuation flights were Afghans who worked alongside American troops as translators and interpreters.

However, many other men had no affiliation to the U.S. military; they were able to board evacuation flights due to the poor vetting process by the U.S. State Department.

US authorities reported that several minors evacuated from Afghanistan left with their husbands, who were older men. In Afghanistan, child brides are not uncommon. The practice of an older man marrying a minor is widespread throughout the country.

As of right now, the U.S. has no policy in place to separate child brides of Afghan refugees, but is working on a solution to the problem. If these older men are separated from their child brides, they run a major risk of sexually abusing minors once they are released from the military base and put into the general population.

Biden Administration Has No Regard for Human Life

Under the Biden administration’s watch, not only are minors being sexually abused on U.S. Army bases, but they are also being killed in Afghanistan. A New York Times report completely exposed the Pentagon’s lie they took out an ISIS-K member in a drone strike.

Both Biden and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley claimed the drone attack that happened outside the city of Kabul was a righteous attack that took out an ISIS-K affiliate. Yet, a New York Times report revealed they killed an aid worker and children instead.

After the New York Times report made headlines, only then did the Pentagon offer their apologizes. However, just imagine if journalists weren’t on the ground in Afghanistan. Biden and the Pentagon, to this day, would be claiming they took out a terrorist.