U.S. Olympic Athlete Turns Her Back on Podium While National Anthem is Played

The Olympics is a time when athletes all around the world can showcase their talent and hard work on behalf of their country.

Well, Gwen Berry, an Olympic Hammer Thrower that is representing the United States in the 2022 Olympics, refused to stand front and center during the Olympic trials; instead, she opted to turn her back and put her shirt that read “Activist Athlete” over her head.

A report by Fox News stated Berry believed that the track officials of the Olympic Trials were trying to “set her up” by making her stand during the National Anthem. The “woke” athlete also stated that it “pissed her off” that the National Anthem was playing while she stood on the podium.

According to Olympic officials organizing the event, the National Anthem is always played at 5:25 pm during each day of the Olympic trials and nobody was targeting Berry at all.

Gwen Berry’s history of woke activism

Gwen Berry has gone on record saying that the National Anthem never meant anything to her; she has also backed that statement up by saying she represents those who died of systematic racism when she puts on a Team USA uniform.

In 2019 at the Pan American games, she raised her fist while standing on the podium to protest President Trump and police brutality.

Other woke athletes on Team USA

Chelsea Wolfe, a freestyle ride who is also transgender and under the BMX freestyle umbrella, isn’t very patriotic either. Chelsea, who is biologically male and an alternate on the USA woman’s team, made headlines after a past statement he posted on Facebook resurfaced.

In the statement, Wolfe reportedly declared that his goal for winning the Olympics was so that he could burn the U.S. flag while standing on the podium.

Imagine if a citizen from China or Russia said such a statement about their nation’s flag? I’m sure they wouldn’t be touted as heroes as the American mainstream media does to anyone who disrespects the American flag.

Athletes will face consequences for any political message made while on the podium

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) ruled that no political, religious, or racial phrases can be displayed on athletes while they are on the podium at the Tokyo Olympic Games. The committee even went a step further and declared that the phrases Black Lives Matter will not be allowed either.

As of right now, the IOC has not stated what kind of punishment athletes will receive if they decide to break the rules. More than likely, an American athlete will break these rules and the liberal media in America will champion them as heroes.

Just wait and see. Every athlete who has decided to take a knee, or has shown off BLM apparel at their sporting events, is always rewarded by super corporations like Nike.