U.S. Space Force Chief Says China May Use Satellites to Launch Space Attacks

Star Trek may not be fictional after all. Space Force Chief General John Raymond, during the world space symposium, warned nations around the world that China is fully capable of launching attacks using their satellites.

General Raymond revealed that China’s satellites have reversible jammers; these jammers could cause communications signals coming from other satellites to be completely taken off.

That’s not all though. The Gazette reported China’s satellites also have robotic arms connected to them that are fully capable of grabbing other satellites in space and wreaking havoc.

China’s not the only threat, though; Russia has a satellite that is able to shoot missiles from it; Russia has even practiced launching missiles in outer space in close vicinity to a U.S. satellite.

The U.S. Space Force, along with others leaders, is looking to come up with rules and regulations to monitor behavior in space because as of right now, it’s the Wild West and everything goes.

U.K.’s Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston also believes that the world’s Air Forces and militaries should collaborate on the do’s and don’ts of space. As we all know, though, when the going gets tough in war, nobody plays by the rules.

How Space Force Came About

President Trump launched Space Force in 2019 and it became an official branch of the military. Trump, who was able to predict the rise and fall of New York real estate, is also predicting that wars will eventually be lost and won in space.

If Army commanders don’t have communications or have their signals intercepted in space, then that could lead to major security concerns.

More History on Space Force

In 1982, the Air Force established the AFSPC (Air Force Space Command). This was helpful during the years of the Cold War and mainly focused on detecting missile launches, satellite control, and communications intelligence.

The AFSPC would also be proven to be effective during Operation Desert Storm and was a keen part of why the famous “left hook” was so successful. After the September 11th attacks, the AFSPC would be seen as a vital part of American security. It was used greatly during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, mostly in the area of GPS locations, meteorology, and warnings.

The AFSPC has since been renamed Space Force after Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act. Although, Biden has tried to destroy everything Trump enacted during his years in office.

However, Biden has yet to touch Space Force because he even knows once he defunds or disrupts Space Force, then China will become superior to us when it comes to military operations in space.

So although nations are gearing up for space wars, don’t expect anyone to be using lightsabers anytime soon, but rather, imagine satellites blowing missiles at one another.