Undercover Federal Agent Blended in at Justice for J6 Rally

The Justice for J6 Rally focused on bringing awareness to several Trump supporters who are still sitting in prison for trespassing into the Capitol building on January 6th. The J6 Rally brought in roughly close to 200 people and members of the media, along with police officers outnumbering the demonstrators by a large amount.

Many notable conservative voices urged people not to attend the J6 Rally because they believed it was a FBI sting. Well, it appears their gut feeling was right.

At one point of the rally, the police detained a man they suspected had a gun. When they started to ask him more questions, he pulled out a type of law enforcement badge.

Here’s the moment it went down:

President Trump Predicted This Would Happen

Trump warned his supporters not to attend the J6 rally because he believed a large amount of federal agents would be undercover to rile up the event. Trump was right, though, because a law enforcement agent was detained by Capitol officers who were totally out of the loop.

Just imagine if thousands of Trump supporters were to show up at the J6 Rally. Then, it would have been pretty easy for the FBI to stage a false flag event to demonize Trump supporters even more.

Trump took to the media to show his love for all his supporters who are in jail and being denied their constitutional rights to a fair and speedy trial; however, he never condoned the rally at the Capitol.

He also condemned the fact the National Guard was on standby at the rally. Trump said the National Guard needs to be at the southern border where thousands of illegal immigrants are flowing into the country and not at a rally of 200 people.

The rally itself was organized by Matt Braynard who was Trump’s former campaign member before being fired.

The FBI Was Present at the Capitol on January 6th Too

Tucker Carlson reported there are signs that 20 co-conspirators of the militia group Oath Keepers were not indicted on any crimes they committed on January 6th. Tucker believes they were never charged because they were feds.

He also stated he thinks the FBI organized the event because the 10,000 hours worth of footage that occurred on January 6th has yet to be released. The way the media portrays the Capitol riot on January 6th, they act as if everyone stormed the Capitol.

However, several videos show the opposite. They show police officers allowing people to just walk right inside the Capitol. Other videos show the protestors even talking to law enforcement officers as if they are friends.

The U.S. has been using agent provocateurs and staging false flags for years. Just look at the Gulf of Tonkin incident or Operation Northwoods.