Unvaccinated Teen Is Forced To Wear Ankle Monitor For School Sports

A Washington public school has gone too far when it comes to contact tracing unvaccinated students. An unvaccinated 15 year-old girl from Eatonville High School in Washington was allegedly forced to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet.

This was due to the fact the school has reportedly implemented a new program that forces unvaccinated students who participate in sports to wear TraceTag devices.

The ankle monitor the 15 year-old had to wear was a TraceTag device called Triax; Triax is able to set an alarm if you come close to someone within six feet of you and contact trace if a student was to test positive for COVID.

According to The Post Millennial, the mother of the 15 year-old was shocked that her daughter had to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet; many other parents from the Eatonville High School community believe their children should not be treated as if they are criminals on house arrest.

NYC Is Forcing All High School Athletes to be Vaccinated

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has enacted a new mandate that will require all students participating in high school sports to be vaccinated. If any student refuses to get vaccinated, then that student athlete will no longer be eligible to play on their high school’s team.

The new mandate by de Blasio is extremely cruel, due to the fact a large amount of students’ lives revolve around sports; to make a student choose between their love of playing a sport and their conviction of not getting vaccinated is beyond unfair.

According to de Blasio, over 20,000 students athletes will be vaccinated as a result of his new mandate. So it’s either wear ankle monitoring bracelets or be forced to get vaccinated.

Universities Are Also Mandating Vaccines

The LSU football team, who plays in the SEC conference, has become the first university to require fans to either be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test within the last two days in order to enter football games.

According to LSU’s new mandate, everyone who is 12 years or older must show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test. Many fans on social media have stated that they won’t even bother attending ball games after the new mandate has been enacted.

Ever since the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine, colleges and universities across the country have enacted new policies that require students to be vaccinated.

The University of Virginia, for example, disenrolled over 200 students, due to the fact they were unvaccinated. Xavier University of Louisiana has followed the University of Virginia’s lead and has started to disenroll students too.

It’s not just big universities, either; even some community colleges have started to require proof of vaccination in order to attend classes. This is just the beginning though. It’s only been two days since the Pfizer vaccine was approved by the FDA; just imagine all the mandates that will pop up within the next month.