US Army Uses Seven Tenets of Satanism to Convince Troops to Get Vaccinated

A bombshell report by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has revealed the US Army promoted the seven tenets of Satanism in a PowerPoint to promote COVID-19 vaccines.

The PowerPoint was being presented to answer questions some of the troops had about the vaccine. One question on the PowerPoint asked how many children were sacrificed to the devil for the vaccine?

Right next to the question, the Army listed the seven tenets of Satanism in order to make the Satanic Temple look not as evil as it really is.

That wasn’t it, though; the Army also falsely stated only three people have died from being vaccinated. This is far from the truth, considering the Biden administration themselves reported that thousands died after being vaccinated.

US Military is Forcing Troops to be Vaccinated

The same day the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine, the Pentagon announced all US military members are required to get vaccinated.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley both said all US military members must abide by the mandatory vaccine order or else, they will face disciplinary action.

Even before the FDA even approved the vaccine, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin went on record. Austin said if the FDA didn’t approve the Pfizer vaccine, then he would personally ask Biden to sign an executive order to allow the Pentagon to enforce the vaccine.

Both Lloyd and Milley were more busy coming up with the military’s vaccination rollout plan then they were focused on the Taliban taking over Afghanistan.

The Army Isn’t the Only One Promoting Satanism

The Army isn’t the only one promoting Satanism for social justice because the far left is doing the same thing. After the state of Texas banned all abortions past six weeks, the Satanic Temple started to put together a lawsuit.

This lawsuit aimed to deem the law unconstitutional, due to it denying Satanists the right to perform child sacrifice rituals, also known as abortion rituals.

The Satanic Temple also sent a letter to the FDA, asking to allow them to obtain abortion pills in order for Satanist to perform abortion rituals. Many far-left media outlets praised the Satanic Temple for standing up for women’s rights.

The morality of America has fallen completely if the majority of a political party sides with Satanists rather than conservatives that wish babies to be alive.

It appears the values of Democrats are being pushed on US troops too. Afghanistan just fell to the Taliban and the US generals issued airstrikes that killed 10 innocents civilians.

However, instead of fixing their mistakes, the US Army is teaching soldiers the seven tenets of Satanism in an attempt to turn the Army into a den of Democrats.