US Army Reports Female Soldier Attacked by Afghan Evacuees

A female soldier for the US Army was attacked by Afghan evacuees at Fort Bliss in New Mexico. According to NBC News, the attack was carried out by several men at the Dona Ana Complex at Fort Bliss.

The victim of the attack was part of Operation Allies Welcome, which aims at helping Afghans resettle in America. Apparently, there are enemies mixed up with the allies on several bases across the United States. This is due to the US State Department’s poor job of vetting refugees.

Lt. Col. Allie M. Payne released a public statement regarding the attack and said Fort Bliss is implementing extra security measures. So, that means they’re vetting the current Afghans, right? Nope!

The extra measures of security will increase lighting on the base and have soldiers go on the “buddy system,” which means soldiers will need partners to walk around the base on their own.

US soldiers should never be attacked while on duty; those who staged the attacks should be tried as terrorists and deported immediately. As of right now, the severity of the attack is unknown.

However, one thing is for sure: the men who staged the attacks more than likely made their way onto an evacuation flight by pushing another person who actually was a translator or interpreter out of the way.

Afghan Evacuees Have Child Brides and are Sexually Abusing Minors

There have been several reports that older men brought over their child brides while evacuating. As of right now, the Biden administration has done nothing to separate these men from the minors. The White House has no plan on how to resettle the children in a way where they would be separated from their abusers.

An Afghan by the name of Bahrullah Noori was arrested after he touched several minors’ genitals at a Wisconsin military base. Noori touched the children while they were in the bathroom and it’s reported he used force to do so.

Another Afghan was arrested around the same time as Noori. However, he was indicted for assaulting his wife, almost to the point of death. This all happened at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

Trump Slams Biden at His Georgia Rally

During his rally in Perry, Georgia, Trump told his supporters the people you saw rushing the planes at the Kabul airport were not our allies; in reality, a large amount of them were just looking to escape Afghanistan.

Trump then went on to say just look at what’s happening; one Afghan strangled his wife. Another sexually assaulted minors and several Afghan men attacked a female soldiers.

He then said Germany and Sweden are also suffering from the Biden’s administration’s botched withdrawal, due to the fact both countries accepted Afghan evacuees.