US Navy Commander Fired After Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

A United States Navy Commander has just been terminated after he refused to get vaccinated.

The commander not only refused to get vaccinated, but also decided he no longer wanted to frequently get tested for COVID either.

Commander Lucian Kins was fired from the United States Navy: he has officially become the first Navy officer to be terminated for refusing to get vaccinated.

Commander Kins was second in command on the destroyer called the USS Winston Churchill.

A spokesperson for the Navy stated Kins was fired due to the fact he refused to obey a lawful command. Since he refused to take a lawful order, he is no longer to be trusted.

More Details on the Story

The Department of Defense gave members of the Navy until November to get fully vaccinated or be able to provide some sort of exemption.

It’s reported, however, that Commander Kins attempted to use a religious exemption, but was ultimately denied.

As of right now, thousands of members of the military across all branches have asked for a religious exemption, but they have all been denied.

US Navy Has Become Woke

In September, while China’s Navy was performing military exercises close to Taiwan, the United States Navy was busy naming one of their ships after a gay rights activist.

The USNS Harvey Milk was named after gay rights activist Harvey Milk. He was a former member of the military until he was dishonorably discharged over questions about his sexuality.

After being discharged from the Navy, Milk would later on become the first LGBTQ person to sit on the San Francisco Board of Advisors.

Milk would later on be assassinated after a year of serving on the board. Many conservatives were outraged a US Navy ship would be named after Milk because they claim he had a long history of luring young boys to himself.

The Navy isn’t just naming ships after LGBTQ activist, but they are also making some members of battalions activist themselves.

A report came from San Diego that active members of the Navy were forced to participate in a LGBTQ diversity hike, in order to show support for LGBTQ members in the Navy.

During the hike, members of the Navy were also forced to hike with a modified American flag that looked like a rainbow. There was no American flag in sight, just a LGBTQ flag.

While Russia and China are doing real military exercises, our Navy is learning about which pronouns are socially acceptable to use.

For many, it was surprise the US fell to the Taliban. However, if you have looked at the actions from the Pentagon over the last decade, it’s no surprise that Afghanistan fell so quickly.