Vaccine Mandate Protestors Outside of Brooklynn Nets Stadium Chant “Let Kyrie Play”

A large group of anti-vaccine mandate protestors gathered outside of the Brooklyn Net’s Barclays Center. The hundreds of protestors chanted phrases like “no vaccine mandates” and “let Kyrie play.”

The pro-freedom protestors also carried Don’t Tread on Me flags and American flags at the protests.

The protest occurred moments before the Net’s home opener against the Charlotte Hornets, where they lost the game without their star point guard and NBA champion Kyrie Irving.

Irving will not be able to play any games with the Nets until he gets vaccinated. This is due to the fact the state of New York won’t allow unvaccinated people to enter large venues, such as NBA stadiums.

The Nets organization went a bit further, though. They stated they won’t allow Irving to play any road games either or even practice with the team. Irving is being isolated and financially attacked for being one of the only NBA stars to not bow down to the vaccine mandate.

Irving Isn’t the Only Player Speaking Out

Outspoken, rising NBA star Christian Johnathan Isaac told Fox News the media keeps scrutinizing anybody who refuses to get vaccinated. In his opinion, if someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, then they should have that freedom.

Isaac plays for the Orlando Magic which doesn’t require players to get vaccinated, due to the fact Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed executive orders banning employers from forcing their employees to get vaccinated.

This isn’t the first time Isaac stood up against the left’s woke agenda; he previously was the only player to stand up during the National Anthem last year and not kneel like his teammates.

It’s Not Just Million-dollar NBA Players Being Impacted

Thousands of workers are opting to get fired instead of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. In Washington state, there are reportedly over 2,000 people fired for refusing to get the jab.

In the state of New York, that number is closer to five times higher with no sign of slowing down. New York has also seen thousands of nurses be fired after an executive order was signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul requiring medical personnel to get vaccinated.

In some states like Illinois and Massachusetts, there are bus driver shortages; so now, the National Guard is being deployed to drive children to school. Our country is slowly turning into a bio-medical state.

There are no signs this will end anytime soon. The so-called experts keep giving false windows of when everything will get back to normal. In most Republican states, everything is up and running as usual.

However, in blue states such as New York, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of conservatives will more than likely not visit New York anytime soon; most of them will not be allowed in any establishments, due to the fact they’re not vaccinated.