Video Catches Biden Falling Asleep While Meeting With Israel’s Prime Minister

Do you remember what Trump used to call Biden while the two went head to head against each other during the 2020 election campaign? Well, if you guess Sleepy Joe, you would be right…and it appears Joe Biden is living up to his nickname.

During a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Joe Biden appeared to doze off while Bennet was talking. A video of Biden sleeping during the meeting went viral and Sleepy Joe started to trend on Twitter.

Watch the moment it took place here:

Biden and Bennet Discussed the Iran Deal

This is supposed to be America’s commander in chief, but as you can see here, a better name for Biden would be the commander in sleep. Prime Minster Naftali Bennet wasn’t talking about petty issues either; rather he urged the Biden administration not to run back to Obama’s nuclear deal plan with Iran.

During Trump’s presidency, the United States withdrew itself from the billion-dollar nuclear plan. The former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, praised Trump for withdrawing from Obama’s horrendous deal with Iran.

The Iran deal essentially filled Iran’s pockets with billions of dollars; in return, all the United States got was a hollow promise from Iran not to build nuclear weapons.

Biden Receives Backlash From Fallen Service Members’ Parents

Many parents of the service members who were killed in the Kabul terrorist attack have spoken to the media; they have also called Biden out for his complete inability to lead the country.

Steve Nikoui, the father of fallen Marine Kareem Nikoui, went on Tucker Carlson’s show and shared his anguish of his son’s unfortunate death. Nikoui later told the Daily Beast that Biden turned his back and sent his son to Afghanistan to be a paper pusher while the Taliban was doing security.

The Father of Lance Corporal, Jared Schmitz, told KMOX radio station that he was devastated his son died due to a lack of leadership in the White House. Probably one of the strongest rebukes of the Biden administration came from Kathy McCollum, the mother of US Marine Rylee McCollum who lost his life while defending the Kabul airport.

Kathy went on a local radio station in Colorado and blasted Biden, calling him an old piece of crap that has dementia. McCollum didn’t stop there, though; she continued to blast Biden and Democrats for their total negligence in Afghanistan.

Towards the end of her interview, Kathy declared that Democrats’ horrible policies have killed her son. Her voice was full of emotion and you could tell that she just lost her world. Watch her interview below; it’s sure to give you goosebumps and make you shed a tear.

Many of the fallen Marines’ parents have one thing in common; they believe if Trump was president, their sons and daughters would still be alive.