Video Exposes Far-Left Media Outlets Sponsored by Pfizer

A recent video compilation tweeted out by investigative journalist Whitney Webb has completely exposed the far-left media’s clear connection to Pfizer. The video starts out by showing CBS’s Good Morning America show sponsored by Pfizer…but that wasn’t all.

The video continues to show networks like CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, and a few others also sponsored by Pfizer. All of these networks (since Biden came into office) have pushed for vaccine mandates.

They also have refused to report any adverse effects of the Pfizer vaccine. You can watch the video down below:

So the same “news” outlets pushing pro-vaccine propaganda non-stop are, in fact, funded by Pfizer. This isn’t too surprising, considering the US government has been pushing for wars in the Middle East for years. That way, defense contractors can make billions of dollars and, in return, help fund politicians’ campaigns to get re-elected.

CNBC Posts Article Sponsored by Pfizer on Their Twitter Feed

In a recent tweet, CNBC shared a news article which praised Pfizer for their technological breakthroughs concerning mRNA vaccines. However, at the end of the tweet, the caption read ‘this article was paid by Pfizer.’

So, it appears Pfizer has CNBC on payroll. If Pfizer has CNBC on payroll, who else has their ear too? Investigative journalism apparently doesn’t pay the bills anymore in the internet age.

Now, it appears news corporations are going after practically getting paid for press releases disguised as “news.” As the days go on, expect news stations such as CNN and CNBC to continue to decrease in viewers because America is starting to finally wake up.

Pfizer Funding Politicians’ Campaigns Too

Over two-thirds of Congress members received campaign donations from big pharma companies. One of the most significant big pharma donors of all was none other than Pfizer itself. Pfizer spent over $1 million dollars on the political campaigns of current members of Congress.

That number doesn’t account for the 1,000 candidates they gave check-in state legislative races. The old saying goes, you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Therefore, it appears politicians who have accepted the checks from Pfizer haven’t done too much to prevent COVID vaccine mandates in the workplace.

It’s not just Democrats receiving big checks from Pfizer, either; Republicans are also cashing some Pfizer checks. GOP Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina received the biggest donation from Pfizer, totaling $139,500.

The second biggest receivers of Pfizer donations were Democrat Representatives Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Anna Eshoo of California.

Biden’s right-hand man, Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, also received a nice donation from Pfizer. Now, it’s quite clear why both the left and the right have kept Pfizer’s name out of their mouths; it’s because they are both being paid by Pfizer.